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7 Easy-To-Learn Garden Grow Kits Anyone Can Master (No Green Thumb Required)

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Easy-To-Learn Garden Grow Kits

You don’t need a huge outdoor space to enjoy gardening. You don’t even necessarily need a green thumb. Get any one of these starter kits and you will have all you need to sow, grow and harvest flowers, veggies, or herbs.

Perfect for your deck, balcony, community garden, or your windowsill, these starter packages are going to help satisfy that nurturing feeling. It’s also a great way to get the kids learning about nature, and maybe even eat more vegetables!

Here are some easy-to-learn garden grow kits anyone can master (even if you don't have a green thumb):

1. Sunflower Grow Kit

Get this Sunflower Grow Kit for $21.99 (reg. $24)


Given current world events, the sunflower has now become a global symbol of peace and solidarity. They are known to add a happy, sunny vibe, as well. Here is your opportunity to grow your own sunflowers with this kit that provides you with 5 types in a wide range of colors, as well as the materials you get you started.  

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2. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion & Chocolate Habanero Grow Kit

Get this Trinidad Moruga Scorpion & Chocolate Habanero Grow Kit for $17.99 (reg. $19)


Notice how expensive everything is becoming in the grocery stores? Due to droughts, floods, fires, supply chains, and pandemics, the rising costs of food have some of us thinking of growing our own. This grow kit is going to appeal to those who love to add an extra little (or big!) kick to their dishes.

It includes the seeds for two of the hottest and rarest peppers on the planet, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and Chocolate Habanero, plus all you need to help make your plants thrive. And who knows? By eating the fruits of your labor, you may just add a few years to your life.

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3. Zen Garden Spiritual Healing House Plants Grow Kit

Get this Zen Garden Spiritual Healing House Plants Grow Kit for $20.99 (reg. $21)


Undoubtedly you have heard of the benefits of essential oils. And while we are certainly not suggesting you give up your diffuser, you might want to think about getting those healing powers right from the source.

This kit includes the seeds for five houseplants that can help to bring goodness to you and your home. There’s jasmine to boost your energy levels, sage to rid you of fear and anger, eucalyptus to improve sleep, lavender to reduce stress, headaches, and depression, and snake plant to protect positive energy. You will receive all you need to turn your space into a Zen garden.

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4. Carolina Reaper & Ghost Pepper Grow Kit

Get this Carolina Reaper & Ghost Pepper Chili Grow Kit for $17.99 (reg. $19)


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The Guinness World Book of Records has officially named the Carolina Reaper as the world’s hottest pepper, a title which was held in 2007 by the Ghost Pepper. Needless to say, these two chiles are sure to add a zing to your hot sauce or whatever you decided to add them to. But beyond raising your inner body temperature, there are some scientifically proven health benefits to eating spicy peppers, including promoting a healthy heart, relieving joint pain, mitigating migraines, and more.

Do you need any more reasons to pick up this grow kit, which includes everything you need to sow, grow and harvest these peppers?

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5. Culinary Herb Garden Kit

Get this Culinary Herb Garden Kit for $21.99 (reg. $25)


If you think salt is the only way to add flavor to your food, think again. Not only is salt generally bad for you (it seems it can even affect fertility!), you get more than enough from the salt that’s already hidden in your food. A better alternative is the deliciousness of herbs!

By growing your own herb garden with the seeds and materials that are included in this kit, you can have basil, parsley, oregano, and more at your fingertips, ready to add to your meals or use as a garnish. Plus the health benefits are numerous.

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6. Windowsill Garden Herb Kit

Get this Windowsill Garden Herb Kit for $37.99 (reg. $39)


Archeological studies have shown that herbs have been used as medicines as far back as 60,000 years ago. To this day, herbs are still known for their healing powers, believed to help prevent such diseases as cancer and diabetes, as well as relieve stress. But beyond their health benefits, herbs can add a savory touch to any meal.

This kit includes seeds for growing ten popular varieties, all locally sourced in the US with a high germination rate, along with all you need to start your windowsill garden.

7. Masterclass 5-Vegetable Grow Kit

Get this Masterclass 5-Vegetable Grow Kit for $21.99 (reg. $24)


Always wanted to grow your own veggies but didn’t think your thumb was green enough? Here’s a great starter kit that’s perfect for the newbie gardener. You will receive seeds for five vegetables — carrots, Brussel sprouts, golden squash, Swiss chard, and beefsteak tomatoes — plus all the gardening supplies needed to get them to flourish.

Get the kids involved, too! They may even start eating (and liking) more vegetables.

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