Chronic Pain/Disability or Illness

Years in Practice

10 years +


Southern Pines NC 28387 - United States



Additional Expertise

Energy Healer, Holistic Healer, Spiritual Healer

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Teresa is here to help individuals heal their minds, body, and soul! She believes that each of us is born with all the intuitive knowledge we need to manifest an exuberant, healthy, productive, joyful, and fully abundant life! Sometimes we just need help to get back on track.

About Teresa Bruni

Teresa is a genuinely passionate Healer and Spiritual Warrior who assists individuals in breaking through obstacles that prevent them from living life to the fullest. She believes that everyone deserves healing - physical, emotional, and spiritual - resulting in an abundant and fulfilled life!

When asked as a child, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" her answer was always the same.  Teresa Bruni wanted to be a teacher.

During her 30-year career in technology, it was clear to Teresa that the best part of her job was working directly with people and assisting them in working more productively.

Making a difference in the lives of those she worked with was always her number one priority.

Little did Teresa know that a decade-long bout with chronic illness would sever that career, rendering her completely disabled. It was during that time that Teresa realized Western Medicine alone wasn't going to get her well. She knew she had to find her own way back. Teresa conquered her illness and returned to work full-time in January 1999, over twenty years ago.

Based on the lessons she learned during that time, Teresa now assists clients in identifying and healing toxic emotions such as fear, shame, grief, guilt, and trauma.

Breaking through those obstacles allows physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to occur. She knows healing can come in many forms and requires a well-rounded approach.

True healing results in abundance and joy in all areas of life and she believes everyone is worthy of achieving their true desires.

Teresa holds many certifications, including being a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitator, PER-K® Catalyst, HeartMath® Certified Practitioner, and Muscle Testing Master.

She is highly intuitive and a life-long outlier having forged her own path since she was a child.

In addition to her private client practice, Teresa works with fellow Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, assisting them in breaking through into their greatness and recognizing and building on their strengths. Her understanding of conscious energy makes her a perfect fit for any practitioner who strives to motivate others.

Teresa is also a #1 International Best Selling Author, speaker, and founder of Less Fear, More Flow LLC. She lives life from her heart and is an innate teacher who believes that our thoughts are our only limit.

Teresa's Philosophy and Lifestyle
Teresa acknowledges only two genuine soul emotions: fear and love. While fear takes on many forms, love is always LOVE.

After years of conditioning by well-meaning family, friends, community, church leaders, and the media, many individuals lose sight of their uniqueness and their innate ability to significantly impact the world around them.

This conditioning leads to emotional wounds and physical deficiencies that require healing.

She believes that each of us is born with all the intuitive knowledge we need to manifest an exuberant, productive, joyful, and fully abundant life. However, many of us are shifted away from our innate wisdom as she was due to an abusive and traumatic upbringing.

Teresa's mission is to assist individuals in regaining their true, innate power.

Teresa lives in the scenic Sandhills of North Carolina. She recharges her spirit by spending time exploring the outdoors and practicing her photography. Solitude spent in nature, from the mountains to the coast, helps her find new ways to inspire both herself and her clients. Recharge your spirit right now by exploring some of Teresa's best work.

She also loves studying the bridge between spirituality and science. This allows her to understand the human mind/body connection and its real purpose in serving us.

Teresa understands the consequences of turning a deaf ear when our bodies signal us, and she has simply made it her business to become an expert in this area.

Some things about Teresa that might surprise and delight you include her highly intuitive nature allowing her to take clients further faster.

She has a powerful ability to listen and understand, followed by communicating at a level that is a perfect match for her clients.

She is highly empathetic, compassionate, and understanding because she has truly been there.

Her ability to think outside the box provides her clients with more options than they ever imagined, and she incorporates a no-nonsense, undiluted approach.