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It would be very disadvantageous if we had one Attachment style from childhood that went right through life with us. This is why I believe childhood Attachment doesn’t correlate with adult Attachment. That is the beauty of the social brain – it’s malleable.

About Diane Poole Heller, PhD

Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D., is an established expert in the field of Adult Attachment Theory and Models, trauma resolution and integrative healing techniques. She is a trainer, presenter, and speaker offering workshops, teleseminars and educational materials on Trauma, Attachment Models and their dynamics in childhood and adult relationships, as well as many other topics. She has lectured and taught around the world as both a Somatic Experiencing trainer and Special topics presenter, most recently with her very popular DARe (Dynamic Attachment Re-Patterning Experience) series on Adult Attachment.

Diane is noted for her ability to communicate complex topics with humor and clarity. She is available for workshops, speaking engagements and private phone consultations.

Dr. Heller began her work with Peter Levine, founder of the Foundation for Human Enrichment (FHE) and the “Somatic Experiencing” (SE) method of trauma resolution in 1989. As a Senior Faculty member for FHE she teaches Somatic Experiencing based on Peter Levine’s ground breaking work in the US and worldwide, including Denmark, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Israel, Germany and Australia.

She weaves her 30 years of experience in the Diamond Logos spiritual practice with what she has learned in the field of body, mind, and spiritual sciences in a holistic approach to trauma healing.

Her book “Crash Course,” a guidebook on how to resolve auto accident trauma, is used as a resource for healing general trauma in the US and internationally.

Her highly successful series of media resources for DARe: Dynamic Attachment Re-Patterning Experience training (Healing Early Attachment Wounds and Embracing the Authentic Self), Somatic Based Therapy practitioners, and lay people interested in healing trauma and Attachment Wounds is available here.

As dynamic speaker and teacher Diane has been featured at prestigious international seminars and conferences and is the author of numerous articles in the field, including “Surviving Columbine,” video production dealing with the Columbine High School tragedy, which was featured on CNN. As president of DARe and Trauma Solutions, a psychotherapy training organization, Dr. Heller concentrates her efforts to support the helping community through an array of specialized psychotherapy topics. She maintains a limited private practice in Louisville, Colorado.

Diane Poole Heller, PhD Success Stories

Success stories with Attachment Training (DARe)

“What I do appreciate is what you model in your wholeness of all you are in what you do – The teaching, the business of it that you have created and promote, your thoroughness with all the information you provide, the organization and of time of it all that you put in place with the support you provide -Not only for all those taking the workshop but for yourself so you can do what you do best – with apparent ease, and your inclusiveness of your team and all of us. I certainly also appreciate the magnitude of work done to make it all this way as well… Even the way a room was set up and where the Kleenex boxes were let alone how high the shades were on the windows in the room, the exact same fold on all the blankets and the consistency of it each day was just as important as everything else I order to her to create focus, containment and safety so we could all expand in a grounded contained way and process and become….. In many ways you have expanded that vision for me in who you are. I always have said about these modalities I study – I want to be them, not necessarily do them. You do both and that is great for me to witness. Your last line, for me, was a kernel of the whole weekend in terms of what I came to know in my body. “Own your light and don’t project it out – and that it is even harder” That in itself is be-ing focus and expansion, grounded and manifested and a mirror for that as well. Thank you again.” ~ S. Grossmore


“Thank you again for a wonderful training in New York City. I learned so much and am already digesting and integrating the information you shared with us. As I had mentioned to you, I did my graduate research on attachment and adult mother/daughter relationship (levels of self esteem and depression) many years ago at NYU. Now after working as a clinician for over a decade and having attended the 3 days, it all makes so much more sense. I so appreciate both the theory and the practice. You demonstrated and taught us so much that will help facilitate repair and re-orientation. I highly respect your work. It obviously reflects years of clinical foundation, experience and self healing. The attachment wounds/repair information is truly the foundation and as you said the pay dirt of our work. Having the opportunity to watch you in the demonstrations accompanied by the biofeedback was truly astonishing. Moreno, who was the father of psychodrama, was quoted in the 1920′s as saying: ‘the body remembers what the mind forgets.’ He emphasized the need to work in action to repair and correct in action (do (activate), undo (discharge), redo (re-orient). As a psycho dramatist, I have been working with the body in action since 1988. Having the newest research of attachment, the brain, etc solidifies and legitimizes so much of what I’ve experienced both personally and professionally. This weekend added to that and validated so much for me. I look forward to more modules and receiving the dates for them (when you have them) as I often have to book my calendar quite a bit in advance… I purchased many of the CD’s and DVDs and articles at the training and now that I’ve had the three days I will begin watching them and listening to learn more.” ~ P. Atkinson, LCSW-R, psycho dramatist, New York City

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