16 Practical Gift Ideas For Graduates They'll Actually Want To Use

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16 Awesome Gift Ideas For The Graduate In Your Life

Summer is right around the corner, and so are graduation ceremonies! Celebrate our new graduates by giving them something they’ll truly appreciate. What better way to send them off into the next chapter of their lives than with a unique gift?

As we honor them for their achievements, show them how proud you are by gifting them something extra special. 

We’ve curated a list of rad gifts for your favorite grad if you're lost on what to get. This lineup consists of the hottest items in tech, travel, food, and more! Today’s generation is notorious for thinking outside of the box — go grab something fun for your alum!

Tech Gadgets For The Tech-Savvy Graduate

1. BatteryPro Portable Charger for iPhone & Apple Watch

You know that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when the battery life icon on your iPhone or Apple Watch drops in the red? We know it all too well, and the BatteryPro Portable Charger will never leave you stranded without plenty of battery power.

This portable charger combo will hold enough backup juice for 2 weeks for the Apple Watch and 3 days for the iPhone. Confidently go out into the world knowing this device will charge you up if you're running low.  

Get the BatteryPro Portable Charger for iPhone & Apple Watch for $79.99 (originally $99), a savings of 19%.


2. Apple AirPods Pro (1st Generation)

For those with an on-the-go lifestyle, having wireless everything is pretty much the only way to stay connected these days. The Apple Airpods Pro is exceptional for noise cancellation, clarity, and answering messages through Siri.

These little buds are great for listening to music on a run, taking calls or tuning into your favorite podcast hands-free. Now you even can share your audio stream with another Airpod buddy!

Get the Apple AirPods Pro (1st Generation) for $229.99 (originally $249), a savings of 7%.


3. KODAK FLIK X7 Home Projector

There’s nothing like BBQs, sunscreen scent and warm summer nights spent with friends and family to get you pumped for the season. The Kodak FLIK X7 Home Projector will make your house the neighborhood hotspot if you love entertaining outdoors.

This portable projector has a crystal clear HD display that will blow your guests away wherever you set it up. It’s perfect for watching sports or movies, and even makes for a super fun game night!

Get the KODAK FLIK X7 Home Projector for only $89.99! 


4. Apple iPad mini 4 (Refurbished: Wi-Fi Only) + Accessories Bundle

No matter what age your graduate is, they will be over the moon about getting the Apple iPad mini 4. With the iPad mini 4, they can stream their favorite shows, Facetime with friends, and create incredible content with stunning HD photos and videos.

In a fast-paced world, this iPad will help keep them connected to the things and people they love most. 

Get the Apple iPad mini 4 (Refurbished: Wi-Fi Only) + Accessories Bundle for $239.99 (originally $499), a savings of 51%.


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5. Tomtoc Rolltop Backpack for Up to 15.6" Laptop

Know someone who's college-bound or traveling abroad? Getting around campus (or the world) with a laptop, books, supplies, and clothes can be a challenge to tote.

The Tomtoc Rolltop Backpack is stylish and multi-functional and makes getting around with an abundance of things super easy. The compartments and pockets will keep your stuff organized and accessible for when you’re on the move. 

Get the Tomtoc Rolltop Backpack for Up to 15.6" Laptop for $52.99.


6. Mobile Pixels Duex Plus + Microsoft Office Lifetime License for Mac

Whether you’re continuing with your education or stepping out into the professional world, this duet will increase productivity and keep you on task. The Duex Plus has versatile compatibility and is ideal for multi-taskers who need a second monitor in addition to a laptop screen.

Accompanying the Duex is none other than Microsoft Office, a classic staple for those looking to level up their home and business organizational software.  

Get the Mobile Pixels Duex Plus + Microsoft Office Lifetime License for Mac for $299.99 (originally $648), a savings of 53%.


7. Apple MacBook Air 1.6GHz, 8GB RAM 256GB -Silver (Refurbished) + Microsoft Office Lifetime License Bundle

Laptops and quality office software go hand-in-hand, and this dynamic duo is sure to impress the lucky grad. This bundle includes a refurbished Apple MacBook Air and a lifetime license to Microsoft Office. Office includes all of the apps and tools you need to make your work stand out.

This top-of-the-line laptop and software will increase performance and productivity and help you deliver an exceptional final product. 

Get the Apple MacBook Air 1.6GHz, 8GB RAM 256GB -Silver (Refurbished) + Microsoft Office Lifetime License Bundle for $476 (originally $1348), a savings of 64%.


8. SimplySmartHome 10.1" Friends & Family Cloud Frame Smart Decor (Refurbished)

Sharing photos with friends and family is the best way to stay connected when you’re apart. Connect the SimplySmartHome Cloud Frame to wifi, download the app and start uploading memories right away.

It can hold up to 5,000 photos, all of which will go on an auto-rotation so you can enjoy the pictures over and over again. This sweet gift makes it so you and your loved ones never miss a moment. 

Get the SimplySmartHome 10.1" Friends & Family Cloud Frame Smart Decor (Refurbished) for $119.99 (originally $159), a savings of 24%.


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Memberships & Clubs For The Adulting Graduate

9. Sam's Club Membership for Only $14.99 PLUS $10 Sam's Club E-Gift Card!

If your graduate is off to college, they’ll soon find out the importance of sticking to a budget. At Sam’s Club, they’ll find the best bargains in town for groceries, toiletries, clothing, electronics, etc. But it doesn't stop at signing up. Now, you can get a $10 E-Gift Card for additional savings! 

Get the Sam's Club Membership for Only $14.99 PLUS $10 Sam's Club E-Gift Card!


10. The 2022 Complete Cooking & Baking Beginner's Bundle

With this baking and cooking course collection, you’ll learn a variety of kitchen tricks like kneading bread and how to capture stunning photos of your dishes. It has 7 different courses and 311 lessons — this bundle makes a great gift for a passionate baker or aspiring chef.

Whether the goal is to open a bakery one day or to prepare healthy, vegan meals, The 2022 Complete Cooking & Baking Beginner's Bundle will get you started. 

Get The 2022 Complete Cooking & Baking Beginner's Bundle for $29.99 (originally $1400), a savings of 97%.


11. $500 Restaurant.com eGift Card for Only $90

Not having to cook or clean up dishes for a day is the ultimate treat. Restaurants.com has hundreds of restaurants to choose from for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. You’ll get access to new deals on the daily and enjoy fantastic meals at a fraction of the normal cost. This eGift Card makes a yummy gift for the foodie in your life!  

Get the $500 Restaurant.com eGift Card for Only $90 (originally $500), a savings of 82%.


12. $50 Amazing Clubs Gift Card - The #1 Rated Gift of the Month Clubs

If you love surprises and fun memberships, this gourmet gift club will make your grad smile. With 42 different clubs to choose from, each month is something new. Amazing Clubs features exclusive items from bakeries, pizzerias, popcorns, fruits and many more.

Join the club, you never know what you’ll get, but you're guaranteed to love it! 

Get the $50 Amazing Clubs Gift Card - The #1 Rated Gift of the Month Clubs for only $50!


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13. Smoke Boards™ 7-Piece Smoked Cocktail Kit

For the 21+ grads, this set of Smoke Boards™ and 7-Piece Smoked Cocktail Kit makes an awesome gift for the sophisticated sipper. Impress friends with your newest mixology recipes and show off your handheld torch skills.

Make up to 300 smoky cocktails with this fancy, fun kit. Learn to create flavorful drinks infused with smoked cherry, apple, and pecan wood. The portable case makes it easy to take this whiskey smoker kit from party to party — go on and light up the town!   

Get the Smoke Boards™ 7-Piece Smoked Cocktail Kit for $84.99 (originally $100), a savings of 15%.


14. Outprfrm Investing Advice & Stock Research: Lifetime Subscription

If you're overwhelmed at the thought of how to start investing, watching stocks, and trading — this subscription will give you solid advice straight from the experts.

Be in the know with the latest trends, and follow the recommendations and market predictions of real financial analysts. Once you get a better understanding of the world of stocks, you’ll love being in the game.

Get the Outprfrm Investing Advice & Stock Research: Lifetime Subscription for $59 (originally $2400), a savings of 97%.


Travel Deals For The Adventuring Graduate

15. Dollar Flight Club Premium Lifetime Subscription

Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning those vacations! The Dollar Flight Club Subscription will instantly send an alert when airfare is low for your desired destination.

Book your dream getaway or a family-friendly trip at a fraction of the cost offered on major travel sites — get to Cabo before school starts in the fall! This subscription makes an awesome gift for the grad who’s showing signs of senioritis and needs a little wanderlust!.

Get the Dollar Flight Club Premium Lifetime Subscription for $49 (originally $690), a savings of 92%.


16. Book 5-Star Hotels at 2-Star Prices With Trasava: 1-Yr Membership

Let’s face it, your graduate worked hard to earn their diploma and they deserve a vacation! The Travsava Membership will grant access to exclusive wholesale prices up to 60% less than major travel booking platforms.

Book activities, hotels, rental cars, cruises, etc. and enjoy a week in paradise at a fraction of the normal cost! 

Get the Book 5-Star Hotels at 2-Star Prices With Trasava: 1-Yr Membership for $199 (originally $399), a savings of 50%


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