Year Of The Rabbit — Chinese Zodiac Personality

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Year Of The Rabbit — Chinese Zodiac Personality

The Rabbit, the fourth of twelve zodiac animals, is a little arrogant, flighty, but incredibly earnest.

The Chinese zodiac Calendar is a 12-year annual cycle represented by 12 zodiac animals. These animals can tell a lot not only about a person’s personality but about their future.

What is the meaning of the Rabbit Chinese zodiac Sign?

The Rabbit represents mercy, peace, and elegance. While the Chinese Rabbit zodiac sign can be prideful, tradition mainly focuses on the Rabbit’s purity; because of this, the Rabbit also represents the Moon.

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In Chinese culture, the Rabbit zodiac sign is known to be the luckiest out of all twelve animals.

People born under the Rabbit zodiac sign are calm, peaceful, and are very go-with-the-flow.

Born in the years: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, people under the Rabbit sign are very proud.

You can find your Chinese zodiac sign here.

The meaning of the Rabbit Chinese zodiac sign

In Chinese culture, the Rabbit is the icon of a very popular Chinese candy: A very famous brand of Chinese candy called White Rabbit uses the Rabbit iconography to represent benevolence and nutrition.

Milky, chewy, and wrapped in a thin layer of rice paper, White Rabbit has been advertised as being equivalent to “one cup of milk.” — sweet, delightful, but beneficial.

The Rabbit represents the moon: The candy is an example of what people actually value in the Rabbit: earnestness, sincerity.

Because of this, the Rabbit also represents the moon; some say it's because the shadows of the moon resemble a Rabbit, others say it is because of the Rabbit’s pure characteristics.

In fact, this superstition holds so much ground in Chinese culture that in ancient tradition, people believed that a Rabbit lived on the moon.

While this has since been disproven (obviously) the Rabbit’s lucky image never faded: the Rabbit, called the Jade Rabbit or Moon Rabbit, is the companion of the Moon Goddess, goddess of healing and nurture, who never grows old.

The Rabbit promises mobility: Because of the Rabbit’s association with the moon and sky, people believe that in the year of the Rabbit, people can climb to higher levels in life: whether that be through marriage, promotions, or wealth, the Rabbit’s short forelegs and longer hind legs make it easier for it to climb up, rather than down.

People during the year of the Rabbit then seem blessed with constant upward mobility.

The Rabbit is also closely tied with fertility: Rabbit marriages tend to be very fertile, as the Chinese word for Rabbit “tuzi” literally translates to tu, which is “spit, and zi, which is “babies.”

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Personality Traits of the Rabbit

You are sensitive but very confident: On the outside, the Rabbit’s earnestness and sincerity make them seem soft and weak. However, the Rabbit’s somewhat sensitive personality hides their confidence and strength. Because of their legs, they move quickly and surely towards their goals, no matter what people say.

You are a social butterfly: Rabbits are also great socializers: they know how to talk to anyone — their confidence gives them a magnetic and gentle charisma that draws people to them. However, if you are born in the year of the Rabbit, you tend to be a little insecure and sensitive.

You crave validation: Because of your sensitive nature, you find it hard to open up to others, and often need a lot of validation. If you don’t receive this validation, you tend to quickly turn to escapism, whether it be through books, movies, TV shows, something that can take you away.

You are very go-with-the-flow: You hate conflict and will do whatever it takes to avoid it. You are polite and very easy-going, one might argue a little too easy-going.

You are very spontaneous: You also hate having a plain and routine life. Rabbits like excitement, a lively quick pace of life. Because of this, despite their somewhat bashful nature, they need surprises to spice their lives up.

You sometimes let passion rule your life: In relationships, Rabbits are quick to let passion overtake their lives.

In love, you are a little extreme; you either are completely apathetic towards a person or completely enraptured in them.

You might find that you hinge a little too much of your self-worth on your partner — be sure to give them some space to themselves sometimes!

The Element Signs under the Rabbit and what they say about a Rabbit’s future

What you might not know is that each zodiac, in addition to their animal counterparts, also has a corresponding element sign: metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. Rabbits tend to find more resonance with water.

Water Rabbits are born in 1963 and 2023.

These Rabbits might face some financial troubles during childhood but are able to quickly turn these events around. They will live long lives but need to be careful around money to ensure the longevity of their happiness.

Wood Rabbits are born in 1975 and 2035.

These Rabbits are not sly but are a little mischievous. They are playful and are known to play little, harmless pranks. They start their careers successfully and are about to carry out their fortune throughout their lives.

Fire Rabbits are born in 1927 and 1987.

These Rabbits love speed; they never rest and will live their lives constantly busy doing something exciting. They are intelligent but are a little flighty, so they might abandon a lot of big projects along the way.

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Earth Rabbits are born in 1939 and 1999.

These Rabbits have an incredibly easy life. They are natural, relaxed, and are rarely bothered by anyone. A long life of luck and fortune awaits them.

Metal Rabbits are born in 1939 and 2011.

These Rabbits have a very strong sense of self-awareness, so because of this, they are incredibly resilient to life’s hardships.

However, because of this, their interpersonal relationships might suffer in the future, as they can keep their emotions bottled up.

Once the Rabbit, later in life, finds the strength to open up, they will be more successful.

The Rabbit and the Chinese zodiac myth

In the Chinese zodiac calendar, the animal's position is, according to myth, determined by an ancient race. The Jade Emperor started the first twelve animals to reach him and would get a spot in the zodiac cycle.

The Rabbit’s position, then, is a fault of arrogance. The Rabbit, the fastest animal of the bunch, actually would have finished first. He started the race the earliest of the twelve animals and saw that no one was there.

Thinking that he can easily outpace his competitors, the Rabbit decided to take a nap at the starting line of the race. By the time the Rabbit woke up, he had already been outpaced by the rat, the ox, and the tiger.

Because of this, the Rabbit, as a zodiac animal, is seen as prideful to a fault, yet a little dimwitted. However, the Rabbit is very sincere: it doesn’t get up to much trickery and is entirely trustworthy. Chinese culture decides to focus more on the Rabbit’s luck, rather than its arrogant faults.

The Rabbit is an integral part of the zodiac calendar. Flighty, absentminded, yet pure at heart, if you were born in the year of the Rabbit, here are some ways it affects your life:

What the future has in store for The Rabbit in the Year of the Rat — 2020

While the year has been rough for most, the Rabbit’s work and home life will be very satisfying.

Despite current conditions, the Rabbit will manage to find incredible romance throughout the year — if it hasn’t happened yet, don’t fret! There might be the lucky one for you just right around the corner.

While your romantic life will be (inexplicably) thriving, it is important to look out for your friend circle, and not to get embroiled in any pettiness. Balance your emotions, and do not let any friend drama get you down.

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