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15 Creepiest Ghost Videos On The Internet That'll Really Freak You Out

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15 Best Ghost Videos On The Internet That Will Creep You Out

The Ring has made it almost horrifying to watch any short-clip horror tape or paranormal videos. We're not looking for the TV (or now computer screen) to come alive and take us. Well, for most people, anyway. 

But there are still those that love the idea of a scare and are looking for content online to creep, spook, and bewilder them. For those of you who think you can handle the paranormal, we've put together a list of 15 of the creepiest ghost videos on the internet to give you a fright!

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1. Lights out

Unlike many videos on our list, this short-horror clip was created for suspense versus captured live. Regardless, it scares us all the same and is perfect for those looking for a scare without watching an entire movie-length film.  

2. Possible fallen angel in Catalonia

While not a very long video, this one-minute clip shows just how spooky a remote forest can be. Pictured is a strange, "real life" ghost siting or creature roaming around in Catalonia's Campdevànol. 

3. Ghost from Japanese subway

What's scarier than riding on the subway during rush or peak hours? Sharing that ride with the undead.

A ghostly siting in the Japanese subway is brought to life with this short clip, detailing a ghost coming to life after jumping in front of a train. While not a short-clip film created for YouTube or a real siting, this segment from Ura Horror is sure to make you hair stand up. 

4. Ghost in a shop

You'll never know what happens behind closed doors, unless of course you have 24-hour surveillance. This video of a shop after hours shows movement said to be prompted by paranormal activity. Perhaps ghosts? With over 4.5 million views, it must have created at least some believers. 

5. While you were sleeping

From the Daily Mail, this beyond frightening video of spooky activity happens while a woman sleeps. When we shut our eyes, we're blinded to any spirits that may be hanging around us, leaving us extremely vulnerable and making this video extra scary. 

6. The spooky Halloween

Halloween is apparently not just a day to binge-watch scary movies and dress up as your favorite character or celebrity. It's a day were all ghostly spirits crawl the Earth... apparently. In this scary video, a ghost can be seen lurking the Morialta Falls in Australia. 

7. Still clocking in

We all need to work hard to bring home the bacon, apparently even ghosts. In this scary, yet suprisingly comical and bizarre video, a ghost is seen acting as a warehouse janitor. Make sure to pay him overtime.

8. Narrow halls

In almost every major horror film or scary movie, there seems to be a eerie scene taking place in a hallway. Hello, The Shining anyone? In this clip, the hallway makes its reapperance of housing ghostly spirits. 

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9. On Route 66

While technically the scariest thing on the road is worrying about the other drivers, runners and cyclist, who thought you'd have to add ghost to the list?

Taking place outside of the United States, apparently a real-life ghost was seen jay walking/riding a motorcycle into the abyss. We've had our fare share of sci-fi films to know that vanishing is surely an act for the supernatural.

10. Graveyard wanderers

The first rule of thumb: never enter a graveyard at night. We feel like that's common sense. Why? Because what could be more haunted by ghosts than their body's burial site? Don't believe us, just watch this very spooky video where ghosts are caught on camera frolicking through the tombstones. 

11. The haunting tape 

We all want to feel like we're safe in our own homes, but when you start to stir up some ghostly spirits you may get more than you bargained for. In this video, the commentator is visiting by an unwelcomed guest, another spirit. Is it real or fake? It's up for you to decide (and the other 4.5 million other views). 

12. The haunting tape (part 2)

So, ghost spirits have taken over your home. You're safe to get some air, right? Apparently not! In this sequel clip, there seems to be spirits lurking within the nature trail. Move aside giant grizzlys, we're not concerned with you anymore. 

13. Homeroom

What if (in school) you were just trying to pay attention, get good grades and potentially go to a exceptional college? Those should be your main priorities, right? Not dodging the paranormal. Unfortunately for these kids, they've seen their fair share of ghostly sightings around campus. 

14. The ghost of Gettysburg

Many wars and battles have been fought all over the world, some in our very own backyard. While these locations are full of history and lessons to be learned, just remember what lays beneth the surface. If there was ever a place to witness a ghost sighting, Gettysburg would be one of them

15. The blog gone wrong

When you're just trying to be a beauty influencer, and a ghost just has to steal your spotlight... We get it, not everyone is meant to be on camera. 

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