Dance With Her (And 9 More Ways To Earn Her Forever Love)

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1. Say no to her (and mean it). 

Far too often men fail to hold their positions on any number of issues. It is easier to give in than it is to sustain a prolonged commitment to a conviction. Women absolutely hate inconsistency. She wants to know that you say what you mean, and mean what you say.

For example, if you just don’t want her to wear that low-cut dress — tell her no. Her body should be sacred to you. There is no sense in having others stare, or even worse, say something to her that would illicit a response from you. Treat her body like the treasure it is and she will never want to show it to anyone else.   

2. Drive the freaking car when she’s in it. 

It’s a deadly weapon. You are the man of the house, you should protect your family.

It is ridiculous to see men sitting there being chauffeured around like Miss Daisy. She has enough on her plate for her to be driving you around. 

3. Make love to her all the time.

Fuck her sometimes, but never wait to be serviced by her — she hates it. One would think that this would be obvious to us men, but sadly it is evident that it is not.

Men: the craze over the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy had little to do with sex for women. They want to be desired as if they are the only woman in the world for you. They don’t look at intimacy like you do. Why would you think she is excited to pleasure you when you haven’t said or done one thing that she needs in weeks? 

And that doesn’t mean in bed. Say nice things to her throughout the day, help with the kids, listen to her concerns without trying to fix them or telling her to get over it, when you bring her something to eat please-please-please remember that she hates pickles (or whatever else she hates)…catch my drift?

Take time to show her how unique she is and she will be devoted to you for life. 

4. Allow no one to disrespect her…EVER! 

A price must be paid if it happens. No matter what modern society will have you believe, women don’t want to be like us  that would only diminish them. They don’t want to be around locker room talk. Sure, they have grown accustomed to it and have accepted it as “the way things are”, but given a chance at being treated like a lady they would take it almost every time. 

So when your buddies start dropping F-bombs in front of the woman in your life, stop them in their tracks and let them know that she is to be respected at all times. 

5. Never yell or curse at her.

And if you strike her you deserve the worst that life has to offer.

What makes you think you should treat or talk to her in a way that you would never treat your mother? And if you speak to your mom that way then you’re hopeless and should never enjoy the company of lady. 

And women, drop him the first time he disrespects you. It’s only the beginning, I promise.    

6. Dance with her.

Take the four minutes it takes for a song to play and dance with her. Pick a song you can both share and just dance while holding one of her hands and pressing your other hand on the small of her back — she will be much more interested in taking it into the bedroom.  

7. Touch her often.

People love to be acknowledged. Women in particular like to feel like they are in physical contact with their loved ones. 

Hold her hand, hug her, put your hands on her shoulders, kiss her cheek for no reason, etc. Let her know that you see her.

8. Remember what she likes, but more importantly, never ever forget what she hates.

Guys, how she feels about things is no secret to you. Pay attention. And if you think it’s too much work, make sure to notice the disappointment in her face the next time you don’t take out the trash when it’s sitting right there.

Trust me, she files it away and never forgets. And the next time you’re making love to her she’ll be thinking about all the times you ignore the things that are important to her, no matter how trivial you think they are. Because it’s not about the actual trash being taken out, it’s about a pattern of you disregarding her feelings.

You see, they don’t want to sleep with someone that only cares about them as a sex object.

9. Learn her.

Is it really that difficult learning what your partner likes? Just ask her, she’ll tell you. Take the time to learn the things that make her tick.

Every woman is unique. If you “learn” yours she’ll feel appreciated and thereby closer to you than to anyone else in the world.

You can thank me later.

10. Protect her secrets.

Fact: every woman has secrets. Be they experiences they’ve had, or thoughts they never thought they could share.

If she believes in you enough to share them with you, make sure you take them to your grave. If she is willing to let you in to the deepest part of her psyche don’t ruin it by throwing it in her face or disclosing it outside of your intimate relationship.

Having information that only you two have will bring you closer than you can ever imagine. And it will translate into all aspects of your relationship. 

In the end, she can easily give you her body, but that’s not the prize… it’s her soul you want.

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