You'll Love This: Must-Watch 'Beats By Dre' Spoof

Beats by Dre spoof

There's nothing that brings about a laughing fit better than spoofs, and you're in luck because we've come across one that is making fun of the popular Beats by Dre commercials.

You know, the one that gets that awesome "The Man" song by Aloe Bacc stuck in your head? It also stars 49ers' quarterback, Colin Kaepernick and Seahawks' cornerback, Richard Sheerman, in two separate commercials confronting combative forces, like the media and haters, only to tune them out by putting on the popular headphones.

Now, you're able to see Rod Streater, who is the Raiders' wide receiver, put his spin on the commercial to show us how he would use the headphones. It turns out, he just really needs help tuning out little girls and their mothers who are selling cookies for charity!

Watch the funny spoof here: Raiders WR Rod Streater Spoofs Popular Beats by Dre Ads

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