Think Your Relationship Can Pass 'The Pancake Recipes Test'?

Breakfast In Bed Ideas: The Pancake Recipes To Test Your Love

I have a true breakfast love — pancakes. Kids learn about romance from their parents, and mine taught me well. Mom made fluffy, whole-wheat pancakes, and dad drizzled them with real maple syrup.

When I got older, I made my own pancakes and soon developed three go-to recipes: granola-stuffed pumpkin, zucchini-cinnamon, and cornmeal. I cooked these pancakes for friends, family and, most importantly, guys I dated.

After some time, I realized that these three pancakes amounted to a sort of relationship test — if a fella I was dating lasted long enough to try all three recipes, we were a good match. The guy who only wanted to eat French toast? That wasn't going to work. The gentleman I veganized the recipes for? Things fizzled quickly.

My current boyfriend has eaten all three recipes multiple times. But perhaps more importantly, he's also suffered through new pancake tests, like the rubbery "Oops, I have no milk or eggs" or the high-protein pancakes that burned on the outside while remaining runny inside. True pancake love isn't just about enjoying the perfect recipes; it's also about accepting the flawed ones.

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