Etiquette Expert: Don't Pinterest Your Wedding When You're Single

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Recently, we interviewed modern etiquette expert Anna Post, the great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, and she shared some valuable online dating and social media tips. From being authentic and genuine, to keeping the initial online-dating emails to a minimum, to saying "no" to sexting, she had a lot of insightful advice. 10 Online Dating Tips From The Master Of Old-School Etiquette

Here's one more important bit of online-etiquette advice she gave, for all of you Pinterest-crazy gals out there: Don't pin your fantasy wedding when you're single! We know, we know, it's tempting to look at all those gorgeous gowns, engagement rings and wedding cakes at sites like The Knot and want to "save them for a later date, just in case," a.k.a. "gaze at longingly and obsess over" — but Post said this could turn your guy (or a potential guy) off.

"That's a lot of pressure for a guy to see," said Post, adding that she has been in a relationship for three years, and has only posted one engagement ring on Pinterest — in the general jewelry section, and just because she thought it was pretty. "I still felt kind of weird about it." 

Personally, I don't think there should be any kind of rule about this. It's a harmless fantasy after all, so whatever works for you, go for it. What do you think about Pinteresting your wedding when you're single?

If you are planning an actual, in-real-life wedding, check out these tips from Tecca: Discover The Wedding Inspirations Of Your Dreams On Pinterest

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