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Known Browser Issue

When logged into the website, some users are experiencing issue with the latest version of Safari. Please try a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer) if you experience any issues.

I can't log in!! #*%&!(*%&!!!

Ugh. We know how it feels to get frustrated at technology. First, make sure you are using the right username and password. When you signed up on the site, we emailed you a handy dandy email with your password and tips on getting started on the site. Search your email for that message. If you can't find it, try and reset your password by clicking on the "forgot password" link below the login box.

If you still cannot log in, email the community manager at or use the contact us page. In your message let us know what internet browser you are using. We will do our best to help you resolve this issue and we thank you for your patience.

 Why was my comment or blog deleted?

We don't like to delete posts, comments or other things you add to the site. We love hearing what you have to say. However, sometimes, we receive spam or a post violates our terms of use. If you feel your comment or blog post was deleted in error, email the community manager at or use the contact us page to notify us of your request. 

 I don't like this comment/article/post and I want it off the site.

Talking about relationships gets personal and is sometimes uncomfortable, but we do our best to give all sides a voice and encourage smart talk about love. We count on our community members to help us facilitate and monitor participation on YourTango so that it is a place that serves and supports you.

For troublesome comments, you can use the "thumbs down" icon to vote down a comment and then click on the "tell us why" link to report the comment. 

You can also write a comment in response. Lay out your reasons for not liking what the author had to say. Odds are you aren't the only one who thinks that. When you comment, your opinion is there for everyone else to see. Your comment will help balance out the viewpoints on the site. This type of open discussion is what makes the internet freaking awesome and what makes it suck.

Additionally, many users use the Community Blogs as a place to let their voices be heard. So blog away! Let us know why you didn't like what you read. Twice a week we pick the best community blogs of the week and post them on the YourTango homepage. Yours could be one of them.

 If you feel a blog post or article violates our terms of use, you can always email the community manager at or use the contact us page to let us know about your concerns.

 By the way, thank you for your help in making our community a safe, valuable forum for so many members.

The answers to my question(s) in the Ask YourTango forum are rude!

For some reason, when it comes to the Internet, people seem extra inclined to give comments and advice that come across as rude, judgmental or just a bit too candid. There are a number of ways that you can handle this. The first, and perhaps best, idea is to focus on the answers that are of use and ignore those that aren't helpful to you. Otherwise, you can attempt to engage this person in a constructive exchange or clarify something they may have misunderstood by replying to their answer and asking them to explain their comment.

 You can also privately message the user by clicking on their profile and selecting "send message."

If the comment or answer is truly offensive and you believe it violates our terms of use, please email the community manager at or use the contact us page to let us know.

Why is my YourTango profile on Google and can you remove it?

If you are concerned with your privacy, we suggest you do not post on or any other public digital forum the following: your full name, address, phone numbers, email address or any other personal data that you do not want made publicly available. Even though you may consider a safe, trusted forum for you to express yourself, it is still a public space that is exposed to Google and other search engines and so we encourage you to take the necessary precautions.

As a search engine, Google uses its own software to catalog and index virtually all information that is publicly available on sites across the web, including We cannot remove information that originated on our site and then appears on any of the search engines. It's not because we don't want to, but because we don't have any control over Google and other search engines. We ask that you protect yourself by only revealing information that you are comfortable sharing publicly. If you need further clarification, follow this link to an explanation by Google.

Why is my blog post or question in the forum not getting any responses?

Sometimes a question is confusing and users don't know how to answer. Other times, people might miss it. And other times, the moon is not in the right phase and the stars haven't aligned properly. Whatever the reason is, the best way to get people to respond is to be as clear and as specific as you can, and to respond to other peoples' blog posts or questions.

For additional tips and information, check out this blog post on how to get the best advice on the site. Also, before you post a question, try searching the content in the Ask YourTango forum to see the advice given to other people on related topics. You'd be surprised how many other people would like to trade their MIL in for a new model!

I want to change the name on my account.

This is an easy one.

1. Log in to your account.

2. On the top bar, near the search box you will see your username. Click on your username.

3.Then, near your picture, you will see a box that reads, "Edit Account." Click!

4. You will see a box that has your username. Add your new username in that box and then scroll down and click "Save."

Your login name will not change. Also, note: It takes about a day for the site to update your account and all your comments, questions and answers with your new display name and search engines will continue to display your original account name for an indeterminate amount of time.

 I came here to meet new people, but so far, no luck.

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First of all, how is your profile? If it's not filled out, people will have a hard time getting to know you. Have you written a Love Brief? A Love Brief helps others know where you're coming from and tells them a little about who you are.

Read this blog post written by our community manager. It contains tips, tricks and ideas for getting around the site and connecting with others. Such as, 1) respond to comments 2) message people and let them know you like what they said 3) blog! There are more tips like that on the blog, so get over there and read it.

Finally, the community manager would love to meet you! It's her job to make friends. Shoot her an email at or message her on the site before she messages you!

 I keep getting an error and I can't find the answer in this @&^%#&^%@*#!! FAQ section

As our site grows in leaps and bounds, we often make technical changes and adjustments. If you run into a problem, please let us know by emailing our community manager at or use the contact us page to let us know about the problems you are experiencing. In the message, tell us what internet browser and what operating system you are using. Someone will make every effort to respond to you within 24-48 hours.

 I love your site and I want to write for you.

Thanks, we love you too. And the information you seek is over here.

If you want to write right now, go to the Community Blogs and write right away! Our Community Blogs are some of the best around and they often generate as much if not more conversation than some of our articles. Twice a week our editors pick the best community blogs of the week and post them on the YourTango homepage. Yours could be one of them.


Whoa!! Sorry. We respect you and your inbox, that's why YourTango would never deliberately email you without your permission. If you are receiving our newsletter or getting emails that let you know when someone sends you a message on the site, responds to your comment or post or answers your question, you can go into your account settings and change your preferences. Otherwise, just reply with "unsubscribe" in the body of your email and we'll get the message. As always, you can email the community manager at or use the contact us page to let us know about the issue.

 How do I delete my account?

Boo! We are so sad to see you go, but you gotta do what's good for you. So, email the community manager at and she can help you. You can also use the contact us page to notify us of your request.

What is a Love Brief? Why should I write one?

Your Love Brief tells people where you're coming from and helps them relate to you a little better. We know that relationships are difficult and complicated and often fall outside the categories single, dating and married. So let us know where you are. It can be simple, it can be abstruse, or just plain crazy, but it has to be four words. Use it to show your personality and let us get to know you better.

I need help with my ProConnect account!

We have a spiffy and helpful FAQ just for YourTango expert users over here. You can also get help by emailing