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7 Feng Shui Tips You'll Love For A Totally Zen Boudoir

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The master bedroom isn't just any old room—we spend one-third of our lives in bed! Because of this, it is important to create a master bedroom that is inviting, calming and supportive of your relationship (with yourself and with your partner). 

Here are seven A+ Feng Shui tips to take your boudoir from drab to ZEN—thank us later:

1. Emphasize the doorway.
This is seemingly strange but does wonders. Doors invite a shift of consciousness, and when you enter your master bedroom, it's important to clear your mind and release any tension. You can honor the shift in consciousness by emphasizing the doorway with things like molding, paint colors, or by creating a defined archway that represents the culture you love. Remember: your bedroom is your happy place.

2. Create boundaries by drawing attention to any doors, windows AND the bed.
Well-defined focal points and boundaries make people feel safe. How do you create boundaries in your bedroom? Draw attention tothe doors, windows and the focal point of the space (which is naturally the bed). Beds should be opposite the doorway if possible and not directly in front of a window—that's BAD Feng Shui. A solid wall behind the bed and a headboard provides grounding and support. Beds made of natural materials such as wood, bamboo or cane give off the best energy, but if your bed is made of metal, simply soften it with fabrics like cottons, gauzes or velvets.

3. Use different fabrics to create an ambiance.
Fabrics are super important to create a comfortable ambiance. Those sheets of yours should be made from natural, breathable material like cotton, silk or linen! Looking to up the décor anty? Add a decorative top sheet, plush comforter and complimentary accent cushions. Don't forget the window treatments: they add warmth, privacy and cohesion.

4. Choose your colors wisely.
Color has a strong effect on our minds, and in Feng Shui, they have different benefits depending on tone. It's important to choose your bedroom colors wisely! Warm colors provide warmth and coziness. BUT avoid using strong reds, yellows and oranges since they might be too intense for a peaceful night's sleep (although they're great for passion!). If you prefer warmer colors, try soft rose, peach, cream, butter and earth tones. Cool colors are restful: greens represent the heart chakra and purples and golds create quiet, deep meditative spaces. 

5. Make the lighting work for YOU.
Like color, lighting has a strong effect on our minds. Remember that lighting creates the ambiance, so be sure to block out light that will disturb your sleep! Create intimate, relaxing soft pools of light with things like lamps, dimmer switches, and candles. Need more? Add a reading light next to your bed or highlight some artwork. Just make it work for YOU.

6. Put those meaningful photos and chachkas on display.
Feng Shui practitioners place specific emphasis on the energetic qualities of objects. What should you put on display? Things like meaningful photographs, inspiring artwork and small objects you love. And don't forget to pick out a beautiful rug to anchor and ground all that positive energy.

7. AVOID making these Feng Shui mistakes!
Mirrors are too stimulating for the calm, relaxing energy required for a good night's sleep because they magnify the energy of the room and intensify dreams. If you've gotta have on in your bedroom, cover it with a scarf before turning in for the night. Electronics are another bedroom no-no (terrible news if you're in love with your phone!) that interfere with health, fertility and serenity. Also, don't put your phone OR alarm clock near your head! But most importantly: NEVER go to bed angry.

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