Do You Really Need Chemistry To Score That Second Date?


If we're being totally honest with ourselves, we probably all want to believe in love at first sight. There's a part of us that is sure that we'll just know if we've met the one from the minute that our eyes meet. That's what makes it a major let down when after going on a date with a pretty cool guy, the spark just isn't there. We're all for having that instant connection with our date but do sparks have to fly even though we're just getting to know each other? Seriously, just how important is chemistry in the beginning, anyway?

When dating expert Amy Schoen mentions reasons why we shouldn't bail on an otherwise a great first date just because it's missing that je ne sais quoi, we couldn't agree more. The chemistry doesn't have to be automatic. If there aren't any red flags or dealbreakers standing in the way, then we should give our date a chance. Who knows? He may even be Prince Charming in disguise! Honestly, chemistry may not last forever. What's important is how we feel and if we can see ourselves being in it for the long haul. If the answer is yes, then say yes to that second date!