TMI, Mom! 10 Times Your Parents Hysterically FAILED At Technology

Parenting And Texting Don't Mix

Autocorrects, nude pics and inappropriate statuses, oh my!

Texting is a daily argument with my mom. I'll receive a funny text from her, but it's not just a text — it's the length of an epic, Shakespearean letter. Actually, it's so long that her phone is forced to send it in two different messages.

And then she always "signs" her texts with her name as if I'm not going to know who sent the message. Despite my daily assurances of "Mom, you don't have to sign your text messages. I know they're from you!" she does it all over again the next day.

I've learned to just accept that the generational gap between us is too great. As much as I love her, she's just never going to fully comprehend things like hyperlinking, hashtagging and what she calls "The Facespace" (translation: Facebook). I've resigned myself to a lifetime of fielding her questions: "No mom, you can’t tweet over Facebook. No mom, the NSA doesn't care if you watch YouTube videos through your iPad."

Granted, I could have a worse technological snafu with the 'rents. I could be like that college student who accidentally sent her dad a nude pic (#oops).

In honor of our technologically-inept moms and dads, we've curated the best of the cringeworthy, LOL-worthy, all-time best tech fails between parents and their kids. Some things are just better left un-texted.

1. The deer are eating WHAT out of your WHAT?
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2. Epic penis and epi pen. Yeah, that's the same thing.
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3. Moms say the darndest things.
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4. Dad's going to pay for this one for a LONG, long time.
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5. Wait for it...
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6. On the to-do list for today: clean, pay bills, make pasta and traumatize your child.
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7. I certainly did NO SUCH THING with my brother!
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8. Sure, mom … he gave you a "Swiffer."
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9. Dad, you might want to stay off Facebook.
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10. Happy Birthday, aka Happy Proof Of Your Parents Gettin' It On Day.
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