Business Management

Years in Practice

3-5 years


Mumbai MH 400020 - India



Additional Expertise

Business Coach, Consultant, Mentor, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

" When we get the environment right, humans will do remarkable things." ~ Simon Sinek

About Zubin Jay Mirchandani

‚ÄčZubin helps high performers gain the clarity, confidence, and necessary tools to thrive at the workplace and win at life. Zubin excels at leadership, business, and career solutions tailored to you!

Zubin has coached, trained, and transformed the lives of hundreds of the highest performing leaders and high-potentials. He works with CEO and C-suite Officers, Goldman Sachs Directors, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Bollywood Actors, Chartered Accountants, Startup Founders, Thought and Innovation Leaders. 

Leaders and high potentials exist in every community and discipline and Zubin's aim is to assist in the actualization of their potentials so they may most effectively make the decisions that affect all our lives. The higher one goes up the corporate ladder, the differentiating factor between educated and developed executives is behavioral, and interpersonal in nature. It is based on leadership rather than credentials. Leaders are counted on to make the best decisions and behavioral blocks can be disastrous to not only one`s career but also all stakeholders involved.

Zubin is the author of the soon to be released leadership book on Emotional Intelligence- 'Leaders and Emotions: The Perfect Formula'. He has trained with the foremost schools: CTI (Coaching Training Institute, USA)  and as well ICA (International Coach Academy, Australia), Arfeen Khan(Peak Performance Training, London), and Bodhih(Training, India). He holds an International MBA from Schulich School of Business (Economist, 10th Best MBA Worldwide). He is an affiliate of Harvard Medical School's Institute of Coaching, and the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Are you struggling to consistently perform at your highest level? Are you having a hard time elevating Your Career or Business to the next level? Are you having a tough time executing your Strategy or Implementing Change? Are you not making enough Money to fit your wanted lifestyle? Click here to schedule a complimentary session with Zubin.

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