I Didn't Believe In Astrology

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I used to believe that astrology was a pile of hokum.

Then, my husband died of a brain tumor. Two years after that, I found myself painfully dumped and badly upset, and I needed answers to issues in my life.

I saw that astrology described my childhood accurately. I saw that it described the emotional problems I am in therapy for very accurately.

I saw that it predicted the beginning of my two most significant relationships accurately, and showed me the last one was severely codependent.

I have a mother with BPD and my bookshelves are full of books by experts on BPD, adult-child-of, codependency, and codependently enmeshed relationships.

When I got dumped by this person (and, yep, there it was in my transits), it encouraged me to do a LOT of reading.

Turns out that writings by experts like Pia Mellody and Diane Poole Heller and Jennifer Sowle and Terence Real and Harville Hendricks all said the same things I found in the possible trajectory of this relationship in my horoscope transits.

Now, a horoscope? Bah.

But, when everything you are reading about your relationship in books by renowned experts is telling you the same thing your transits are, and you see the same bad outcomes in the books forecast in your transits if you make certain mistakes in this relationship, and you see the things in your childhood that are driving you there in the books and in your horoscope …

Well, that’s a little scary.

In this case, astrology and psychology were telling me the same thing.

It looked like good advice I’d better not ignore. I had the opportunity to go back to this relationship a couple of years ago. This was predicted in my transits, and it actually happened.

I made the decision not to go back to this relationship at that time, and spend the time working on myself instead. I think it was a good decision.

Interestingly enough, I do see the other turns the relationship could take if we were healthy enough. Yes, those actually do show up in your transits, too. Some of those are in the future. (If they happen, I’ll eat my hair.)

But, we aren’t healthy enough yet, and the childhood recovery work we each need to do is pointed out. (He’s an ACoA.)

As I said, I would never have believed all this four years ago, but I have the books that say the same thing, and a therapist, too.

Based on what I was learning, I started studying astrology myself.

As a student, I do not charge, but I have been asked to read for a few people. Obviously, it’s only been a few cases I’ve seen, but I and the people have found the natal chart and transits to be very descriptive of situations in the life.

I do not consider anything hard and fast. But if I see a situation painted in transits in a horoscope chart, it looks like difficult ramifications are in store, and I’m reading the same thing in other sources, I don’t just pooh-pooh it off these days “because it’s astrology so it must be ridiculous.”

I spent some time as an atheist. But now, I do wonder if astrology is evidence of intelligent design.

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P.D. Reader, a student astrologer, blogs about love triangles, relationships, and astrology at The Thinking Other Woman.com.

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