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10 years +


Canyon Country CA 91387 - United States



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Life Coach, Marriage Coach, Marriage Educator, Mediator

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I Believe

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi

About Susan Ortolano

Yep, I, too, was once a little girl dreaming about love, weddings, white picket fences, and a handsome guy on the white horse. After enduring years of bad, painful relationships with the same patterns happening, and a failed marriage, I discovered the real reason I hadn’t yet found true love, and had to look at the patterns that weren't working. After much deep personal growth work (which did not happen overnight), I am now a happily remarried lady!

My personal challenging relationship experiences along with a devastating illness inspired me to transition from award winning High School Teacher to Intuitive Relationship & Marriage Coach. Educationally speaking, I have a B.A. from UCLA ( impressive  school, yes. but damn, there is no parking there!), a Teaching Credential from Cal State Dominguez Hills, an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology and am an ICF Professional Certified Coach, Certified Master Relationship Coach, Certified Mediator, trained to coach using the Sedona Method, among having certifications in a lot of other areas. I love to combine my finely tuned clairvoyant skills (as I also do Intuitive Readings) with my coaching skills to teach people to master the art of successful relationships and marriages through private coaching, virtual classes and work with clients all over the world. I help people dig deep, believing that our internal world creates our external reality and creating the internal shift can change everything.

While I am not quite coaching the Kardashians, or an Expert on Married at First Sight ( yet,) nor am I helping the folks on The Bachelor, I have has been featured on numerous radio shows, have hosted my own radio show, called Conscious Soul Mates for Voice America Radio and am the author of the newly released book Remarrying Right.

I offer private coaching packages and virtual classes for those who are single or single again and want to manifest love again because we all know you have been heartbroken, too. I also work with couples who are having issues in their marriage whether it is intimacy, communication, perpetual conflict, or infidelity. In addition, I specialize in working with those who are remarrying or remarried and struggling to make it work, finding themselves repeating old patterns, having challenges with step-families, helping them learn the skills and tools they didn't quite have in their previous marriages. I also do general life coaching as I believe every area of life is connected.and life coaching can cover it all. My coaching style has a lot of compassion, some humor, wit, and much soul-centered depth.

Let's face it, we don't exactly learn any of this in school. As a High School Teacher, I did create some of those life & relationship skills classes but then the funding was cut and so were these special classes.This is education should be taught as we grow up as most of our internal issues that create our external relationship and marriage experiences are programmed in our subconscious when we are young.

Personally, my husband Rick and I admit to being suckers for a good romance through our love for books, TV, and movies. We even cry watching Hallmark Romance movies ( I know!!). I proudly acknowledge that I am a fan of Y/A romance stories and have seen the Twilight Series more times than I can count. I am currently obsessed with the Outlander Series, which isn't quite Y/A, but it is good romance! I dig humor, helping others, studying spirituality, astrology, am a proud Auntie, Godmother, God-Grandmother and live with my hubby Rick in the mountain canyons north of Los Angeles, California, where we have a wildfire every once in a while, but the views are awesome!