How To Write A Dating Profile ​That Attracts The Kind Of Woman You Want

How To Write A Dating Profile ​That Attracts The Kind Of Woman You Want

Fellas! I know when it comes to online dating, I know it’s exhausting sifting through all of those profiles trying to figure out a perfect match, but to be honest it’s your fault. If you have taken the lazy man’s approach to online dating, or have allowed your friends to help you craft the perfect profile it's no wonder why you have had such a difficult time attracting the right woman. 

On average, there are slightly more men and women online and that won’t change until you are in your mid-40’s. So you have to approach online dating, just like any other contest. In order to win that date with the woman you want, you have to take the time and figure out a way to put your best foot forward. 

By making these five changes to your dating profile, you’ll attract the women you want.

It’s all about the photo

Your photo is going to be the first impression your potential soul mate is going to see. With that said, make sure your profile picture is recent and is free of all your buddies. The 4 to 6 pictures that you post should showcase the things you enjoy doing. This will visually paint a picture of the type of guy she will want to hang with. You want to make sure when she sees you in person that it’s really you. It’s just like shopping, women want to know what they are getting.

Highlight the qualities you want to be taken seriously

After your picture, she’s going to want to read your profile. The profile will help stir up the emotional side in her. She will be looking for the qualities that appeal to her. You want to make sure to highlight those 3 to 5 qualities to ensure the woman you want, finds you. She is also going to want to know who you are interested in, so be honest. Define the qualities you are looking for in a partner, and the type of relationship you are seeking, not what you think she will want to see.

A sense of humor is also a plus.

Just like in person, a sense of humor is an asset because it puts people in a good mood. If you can display humor in your profile, it will lead to a positive response from a potential mate. Once again, don’t force it and be someone you’re not in real life.

Be Confident

 You want to show through your words that you are a man that exudes confidence. Self-Confidence is attractive and you will attract those women that also feel confident in who they are and what they can bring to a relationship with you.

Don’t forget the intangibles

Some of the little things that could set your profile apart from the rest are based on the little things that you say like intentionality and flexibility.  Intentionality helps your future woman cut through the nonsense. You don’t want to be the 40% of the men out there that lies on their profile, so clearly state who you are and what you want. Showing flexibility will highlight that you can have fun and are willing to try new things

In the end, you just want your profile to give an account about who you really are. No matter if it’s your pictures, what you really like or what you really want, you will stand out if you honestly reflect the qualities that suit the woman you want to meet. So get to writing!

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If you still need help with your dating profile or turning your online dating into a full-fledged relationship, reach out to Keith Dent at Keith is the author of In the Paint, How to Win at the Game of Love.