Business Management

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25 years +


Hollis NH 03049 - United States



Additional Expertise

Change Management Expert, Mentor, Organization, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Values-based decision-making transforms the direction of your life, business and relationships.

About Steve Lishansky

Inspiration.  Insight.   Energizing Engagement.  Values-Based Leadership and Decision-Making.  These are at the heart of what every client receives.

Steve Lishansky is a sought after Speaker, Hall of Fame Executive Coach, and Expert Facilitator for accelerating Values–Based Leadership Results, Values-Based Decision-Making, Strategic Alignment™ of Leadership Teams, and outstanding Client Relationships.

He is an internationally recognized leader in:

* Executive coaching

* Accelerating values-based decision-making effectiveness

* Facilitating strategic alignment and performance improvement for leadership teams

* Creating high-value, Indispensable Partner™ relationship results with clients

A trusted advisor, coach, and speaker to senior leaders and high-potential executives for more than 24 years, Steve brings a unique professional focus on optimizing leaders' executive teams', and top professional services providers' effectiveness, performance and results.


Steve has a long history of dramatically improving the effectiveness and results of executive teams. He facilitates executive team off sites and highly effective strategic planning sessions to enhance communication, teamwork, focus, alignment, and accelerate important results.

He provides one-on-one executive coaching experiences as a trusted advisor to senior leaders that deliver high-impact business results AND personalized leadership development.

Among his most requested programs are: Strategic Alignment of Executive Teams, Becoming an Indispensable Partner™, Leading Self, Leading Others, and Executive Coaching and Development. 

Clients receive the value of his extensive experience enhancing performance and results in:

* Financial Services

* Technology

* Health Care & Pharmaceuticals

* Professional Services

* Human Resources

* Engineering


Steve has delivered insights and dramatic results to leaders, managers & professionals from more than 40 countries around the world.