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Paducah KY 42001 - United States



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Author, Energy Healer, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

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in the art of, "allow yourself to be yourself" and the ability to "Live What You Love." We are advocates for authentic living and meaningful change.

About Jennifer Hunt & Natalie Schubert

The most incredible thing you can be is YOU, the real you.  However, in today’s “take a number and fit into someone else’s box” world that can be a challenge.  We know that there is a ticking inside of you that you may not know what to do with.
Is there a feeling that is telling you that you could create a life that speaks to everything that is authentically you and makes you smile…if you just knew where to start?
We have found permission slips and treasure maps to help you connect with the magic of allowing yourself to be yourself.  We all need those little nudges that tell us it is OK to believe in our own counsel, feel good in our skin and create our own sandbox.  We have created Sisters of Earth and Sky to do just that in a useful, fun, WOW kind of way.
We want to help you remember how to play, how to feel inspired and how to do the hokey pokey happy dance just because you can.  Come be our playmates (because playmates rock!) and let us be your Hosts (tray tables up, seats in the upright position) to finally Live What You Love.
Our book, "How To Be Happy Being Yourself, Experiencing Life Your Way Without Being A Bitch" is much like that. You'll find stories about people pleasing, unhealthy boundaries, and feelings of being stuck, while also finding proof that it IS possible to be happy while being true to yourself.
We are two best friends who love life.  We are Sisters-In-Spirit (S.I.S.) different in some ways, identical in others.  After years of referring to each other as Shaman Sister and Galactic Girl we knew we were The Sisters of Earth and Sky. As the balance of deep and wide, we are each other’s permission slip to be expansive and crazy while sharing the grounded wisdom of what we have learned along the way. 

Hanging with “The Girls” as some call us, feels like girl power, meets Dream Weaver, meets recess and we're always looking for new playmates.

Meet Sister Earth: Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer is the real deal, an authentic earth angel.   Her personal power exudes an underlying strength. She loves helping others find their magic. Being an Empath, she is an engaged communicator, able to hear what you mean in addition to what you say. Her many life journeys from the experience of cancer to student, healer and teacher have merged her natural abilities into a most transformative messenger.

"Jennifer takes you from where you start and opens the door to possibility.  My own personal journey began with me struggling to grieve and find my way in the world, redefining my identity on my own terms." - Julie Kolb

Are you feeling stuck? Are you wanting to make changes but not sure where to start? Do you feel like you're alone or misunderstood? Do you have goals of creating more abundance, getting healthier or creating better relationships but not sure of the steps to make that happen? Do you have unique views or ideas and need someone to help you turn those into INSPIRATION? Then lets chat!

There is so much information out there, but how do you sift through all of it to find what will work for you? I offer a FREE 30 minute, Inspiration - Navigation - Application - Conversation Call.

This is an opportunity to get an understanding of where you are, where you want to be and see how I can help you on that journey.  Click HERE to get started.

Meet Sister Sky ~ Natalie Schubert

​​Natalie sees the best in everyone and brings out the highest good of all those she meets.  Once a Captain in the USAF, and born into the military way of life, she has traveled the world, is an avid researcher, talented artist and Quantum Healing Hypnotist (QHHT).

Natalie has a love for all things interesting, fun and whimsical along with an understanding of all things otherworldly. She is a beautiful soul with an incredible heart and a great sense of wonder.

"A Hypnosis QHHT session with Natalie is an otherworldly experience for insight into your own life!"


Jennifer Hunt & Natalie Schubert Success Stories

Finding Your Authentic Voice and Peace in Chaos

Women dealing with stress

"I just have to share how beneficial life coaching with Jennifer Hunt has been for me. Jennifer has a way of putting even the obvious into new perspective. She gives you a safe place to gently show you things you might not have thought of or maybe were afraid to look at while helping you find solutions. Jennifer seems to put a positive twist on everything which makes things better in a more productive way. My favorite thing she does is give me words to live by. I have recited one prayer she gave me for years and it always seems to make things better. Thank you Jennifer. ~ Shannon B.

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