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10 years +


Fairview NC 28730 - United States



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Consultant, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Wellness Coach

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Wellness changes everything...be intentional.

About Shirley Michl

I am Founder & Principal of Intentional Wellness which is a company focusing on health, wellness and leadership coaching. My personal passion is helping others achieve optimal success with their health and with their lives. My coaching mission and approach is empowering people to integrate mind, body and spirit in attaining and maintaining increased wellness in their lives. Partnering with my clients and working with them closely, we strive to remove the difficulties which prevent them from achieving their goals. Everyone faces obstacles in their lives with some of them coming from others and some within. We will tackle those obstacles together to achieve a fulfilling life and whole person wellness.

Prior to starting my own business I worked for over 20 years in large corporations in a variety of leadership roles in Human Resources. This work included a great deal of time coaching people at all levels on a wide variety of professional and personal issues. Witnessing first-hand how powerful coaching can help people transform people in reaching their potential, I invested in myself and completed an intensive certification program with the Coaches Training Institute, a nationally recognized leader in training coaches. Wishing to focus further on wellness and its impact on personal and leadership success, I studied and completed my certification in health coaching at Duke University’s highly innovative Integrative Medicine program. My experience in health, life and leadership coaching has prepared me to help a wide range of people to maximize their potential and achieve optimal well-being.

A question people frequently ask is “Why did you become a coach?”  The simple answer is that since I was very young I have always wanted to help others. I derive a great deal of satisfaction from helping, guiding, and teaching others. My first career was as a respiratory therapist working in emergency rooms to save lives.  While less intense, my career in human resources gave me another platform for helping others.  Coaching has been a natural progression. There is no greater feeling than seeing someone with whom I’m working have that “aha” moment when they achieve understanding and begin moving forward to achieve a goal or a dream. This often involves taking ownership of an issue, breaking through limiting personal beliefs, and making behavior changes that transform their life.

On a more personal note, I have experienced many personal challenges in my own life. As a young adult I lived through some very traumatic experiences. While I survived them, I did not recognize the impact and baggage that I carried as I made an effort to forge ahead. What I eventually learned was that I was not emotionally healthy and this impacted my life a great deal. Rather than healing myself, I simply shut down. It was that moment of realization that I began my own healing and self-development journey. 

With the help of healing professionals and my own hard work, I slowly clawed my way out of the fog and addressed self-perceptions of failure and being a victim. Each step felt liberating yet painful. It required honest self-reflection around who I really was, what I truly wanted for myself, and the need to do some things differently. Today I am healthy, vibrant, excited about life and a successful woman, mother, wife and friend.

I’m a good match for individuals and leaders who are tired of just existing and are ready to make behavior changes with their health and lives.  We all have goals that just sit out there like New Year’s resolutions – easy to say but much harder to achieve.  My work as a coach is most effective and fulfilling when people raise their hands and admit it’s time for help in achieving change in their lives

My life is centered in the beautiful mountains just outside Asheville, NC where I live with my husband and spend much time outside enjoying nature, hiking, biking, and tending my organic garden. In addition, I love cooking, being with family and friends, traveling, practicing yoga, knitting and creating jewelry.

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