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25 years +


Newbury OH 44065 - United States



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Business Coach, Divorce Coach, Energy Healer, Life Coach, Qigong Specialist, Spiritual Coach

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All areas, please inquire



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When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety; if I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me and without pain. From this I understand that what I want also wants me, is looking for me. There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it. -- Rumi

About Sarah Weiss

Sarah Weiss, MA, LMT, is a Life and Business Coach, Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive and Heart Centered Spiritual Guide. My life’s passion and purpose is to empower others to awaken their intuition and healing abilities. 

A great number of my clients are referred to me from physicians and mental health professionals. I welcome the opportunity to partner with them to support their clients in developing self-awareness, healing, and managing challenging life situations. Others find me by word of mouth and we work together to reveal what is the next step in healing, life purpose or spiritual calling.

Sarah bridges the academic and the intuitive, the traditional and the non-traditional, the spiritual and the secular when the mysteries of illness and life challenges call for inner growth and awareness.    Dr. Dorothy Sprecher

I have studied and practiced the intuitive healing arts for over 45 years. Clients find my work helps them overcome blocks to moving forward in life and healing. Intuitive counseling sessions include coaching, business coaching, spiritual guidance and spiritual healing as well as medical intuitive assessments, past life regression therapy, soul retrieval, and energy clearing in order to help clear fear based core issues and life long negative patterns.

The SpiritHeal Institute, which I founded in 2003, provides in-depth training for those who want to understand and experience the realm of subtle energies, intuition and healing. Programs are offered as weekly teleclasses and include topics such as Heart Centered Living, Introduction to Subtle Energies, Developing Your Intuitive Wisdom, and Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.  Also, several times a year SpiritHeal Institute holds retreats at sacred sites around the world. This is a time to tune in deeply to your inner voice, to recharge and realign your life with your true nature.

My spiritual leadership and training has included initiations in mystical schools and trainings in a variety of healing modalities. Leader and teacher of healing programs in the Sufi tradition of Hazrat Inayat Khan, I am also certified as a Reiki Master, Master Qigong instructor, licensed Massage Therapist, certified Polarity Therapist and certified Infant Massage instructor.  In addition I am a teacher in The Andean Mystical tradition that is descended from the Inkas. 

Progressive Corporation, Case-Western Reserve University Medical School, Baldwin Wallace University, Ursuline College Sophia Center, Cleveland Metro Hospital, The College of Wooster, Kent State University, The Cleveland Jewish News, Federated Church of Chagrin Falls, and St. Joseph Wellness Center are among the universities, corporations and medical centers that have invited me to teach or consult.

Sarah Weiss Success Stories

When Doctors Don't Believe You

I am deeply grateful for your insight. I cannot explain how reassuring it feels to have someone see my pain. All my symptoms are internal and that means most people and doctors have trouble believing I am hurting as much as I am.  There are no easy answers for me and everyone says I am a mystery, so I appreciate your ability to see in and around me.more

--Elizabeth H.

"Seeing" is Believing!

I first met Sarah as a client in 1998, after receiving the devastating news that I had sustained a vision loss for which traditional medical care could offer no likely successful treatment at the time. Sarah’s integrity, honesty and loving kindness inspired me to explore an unknown I feared and to recognize my true wholeness. Her compassion, humor and generosity of spirit helped me to stay the course through uncertainty and find unexpected joy. With the encouragement of my ophthalmologist and the support of other traditional and complementary healing practitioners including Sarah, I was able to regain all but a tiny area of my visual field. Today, I see more clearly now in the truest sense.more

In recent years, I have worked with Sarah in other important areas of growth and healing by phone. In phone sessions, I appreciate a heightening of my focus and awareness because there are fewer distractions. I notice that it is easier to direct my attention inward. At the end of a phone session, I appreciate that this way of working enables me to have quiet transition time in which to rest, continue to integrate the energies of the session or contemplate what has emerged for me. There is no need to drive home or return immediately to the flow of my day.

For anyone called to explore the deeper potential and gifts of their own intuitive abilities, I can offer no higher recommendation than to suggest working or studying with Sarah Weiss.   --Deborah B.

Standard Health Care Wasn't Working

I have been working with Sarah for over a year through classes and individual sessions. My work with Sarah has positively transformed my life. I have experienced immense healing of deep issues which had not been resolved through the standard healthcare system. I feel I am living life instead of watching it go by. I am blessed to have Sarah Weiss in my life.  --Becky R.

Yikes My Boss Is Impossible!

I had no idea how to navigate my relationship with my new boss. She was negative about everything I did and no matter how I tried to please her nothing worked.  I was at the point of looking for a new job when I consulted with Sarah Weiss.  Sarah helped me find my own center of power within me and helped me stop looking to my boss, or anyone else for that matter, for affirmation.  It's funny how this worked. When I was able to hold my own center all of my relationships changed, at home, with friends and at work. it was like a light went on inside me and I was shining a positive energy that others mirrored back to me.  I discovered that I had to power to shift relationship negatives into positives.  Now my boss has opened up to me and we are on the way to a great working relationship.   --Andrea P.

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