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25 years +


Bellingham WA 98229 - United States



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Divorce Coach, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

By changing our beliefs, we reconnect to the deeper awakenings of how our thinking controls us.

About Sandy Levey-Lunden

When we don't deal with the trauma left behind from abuse and misperceptions, we live in a cloud of fear, guilt and negativity. That guilt and fear cements repeated patterns of behavior, which perpetuate an increasing downward cycle of negative thinking, poor health and failed relationships.

Sandy has been a life coach, counselor, and seminar leader for 35 years. She founded her company, On Purpose, in 1982 but has always had a passion for helping others clear their limited beliefs and negative traumas of the past. Throughout her years of counseling and coaching services Sandy has helped over 35,000 people all around the world. Sandy's masterful approach helps participants to re-learn communication skills and become empowered in transforming their lives.

Each of Sandy’s courses were created for particular clients who had unique challenges in their lives. These courses met their needs and released the blockages they had experienced. Today, Sandy offers 16 different courses that help people overcome difficulties in their lives and discover their true life purpose. Her most popular courses are the Art of Surrender, Choosing Freedom: The Way Out, True Woman’s Power, The Holy Relationship, and The Power of Clearing Coaching Certification Training. In the Coaching Certification Training, she teaches clients how to become a coach in the Power of Clearing method. All courses are taught in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment.

“People come to me to heal from years of familial, relationship or employer abuse. Deep feelings of guilt hide in our relationships with partners, family, and co-workers which is why the core-level counseling services I include  are essential.”

By releasing self-judgments and unconscious emotional blockages that have been with them their entire lives, Sandy’s special coaching has helped clients reconcile with their spouses, rekindle relationships with absent fathers, renew loving, permanent connection with domineering mothers and re-establish productive, rewarding careers. Questions such as, Why am I here? What is my true purpose in life? and How can I really be happy? are explored and answers revealed.

These questions had sparked a lifelong quest for Sandy. In 1990, she created a simple, powerful modality as a healing tool. The Clearing Process guides participants to dig deeper into their past experiences and release the core-thinking patterns that invite repeated relationship failures and dysfunctional life experiences. Sandy's Clearing Process reshapes behavior and thinking processes by discovering and releasing the sources of the dysfunctional responses that have governed participant's lives. It's a dual modality that begins with releasing the negative past. The next prong teaches participants how to let go of negative emotion when it is recreated in the present, and to access and align with their own truth and power.

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