Anxiety Issues

Years in Practice

25 years +


Reno NV 89509 - United States



Additional Expertise

Counselor/Therapist, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Psychotherapist

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My state/province only



I Believe

A healthy state of mind is believing that things are workable.

About Richard Cook

I have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Nevada for the past 30 years. This means I have spent nearly half my life working to help couples, families, and individuals find effective ways to bring about the changes they are seeking. My college education was at Seattle University where I received my Bachelors and Masters Degrees. The first seven years of my career I was a high school science teacher which may explain why, as a therapist, I'm committed to therapy that is practical, educational, and offers tools for growth/change.

Often my explanation about my approach begins by stating "I'm not a smile and nod therapist". My training as a Marriage and Family Therapist has taught me to be more interested in what is happening within a system for couples, families and individuals, than in assigning blame or identifying pathology. I believe strongly that we develop, over the course of time, well worn paths that can serve us and/or move us in undesired directions. Three decades of work as a licensed therapist has helped me build up a fairly large tool box of approaches and techniques to identify and change those directions.

By nature I am an easy going person with a genuine sense of humor, warmth, and a commitment to empathy and compassion. The teacher in me always strives to connect, to give feedback, to promote learning and growth. I truly love the work that I am blessed to do.

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