Staying In Trust When Everything Seems To Fall Apart

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In times of crisis when everything seems to fall apart, it is easy to lose trust in the universe. Our current global situation can be compared to winter when all of life’s energy draws inward for a period of hibernation.

The ancient Five Element philosophy or the law of the seasons was developed by the Taoist teachers of ancient China in closely observing nature’s way which is cyclical and always tries to create a balance in the constant pull between the yin and the yang.

When we find ourselves in the wintertime of life we go through a period of pain, suffering, and despondency. During the wintertime of the soul we lack the drive and energy to move forward and even contemplate the thought that things will change for the better. At some point, however, there may be the first glimmer of light. It is often in the darkest of the nights that elevation of consciousness takes place.

On my pilgrimage walks on the Camino in northwestern Spain, my own problems faded into insignificance when I heard the stories from some of my fellow pilgrims. I asked myself: “How much of a load can one person really carry?” The loss of a job, life-threatening health diagnosis and divorce all at about the same time. Yet there was this lady in her mid-50s unbroken and determined to finish her 500-mile walk. 

Looking back at my own life I have found these winter of the soul periods important transitions in an awakening of the consciousness. In the same way, the pandemic lockdown is now forcing humanity into a reset mode. Tumultuous periods of economic meltdown and political uncertainty have often been followed by unprecedented innovation and reconstruction. It is the seasonal period of spring that inevitably follows after the darkness of winter.

Almost overnight the snow has melted and the first daffodils open their petals to the warming sunlight. New life and hope spring forth. In a new lease of life, the energy is pulled forth from deep below in the roots. It is a time of new growth and creativity. The farmer is out in the fields sowing the seeds of a new beginning.

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We cannot change the external circumstances out of our control. But we can control our mindset in the knowledge that fear can be transmuted into courage and faith. From a trusting faith that all has meaning and purpose the seedlings of hope are sown.