Doing These 3 Small Things Will Make You Infinitely More Interesting

How To Be More Interesting

Have you ever felt like you are living in ground-hog day?  With nothing new to talk about?

Everything is just the same?  Perhaps you get up in the morning, are bombarded by e-mails, social media and requests all before you get to work.  You have a hectic day solving everyone else's problems, dealing with your boss or team, get home, sort out the family and all their needs, then collapse into bed in your latest new set of pajamas!  How familiar does that sound?

The only new thing in your life being the latest pyjamas, and that’s all you have to talk about!  When you get time to talk to you friends, your day has just passed you by that you have no idea what to say!  So you listen, and say “hmmm” every now and again so they think you’re paying attention, when in fact you’re looking at the mirror thinking about how you could really use a haircut and more anti-wrinkle cream, and your nails need sorting, and is this really all there is to life!  Oh, except for the new pajamas, you could talk about that!

Do not fear!  As much as I am a pajama lover, trust me, I have  a simple 3-step process for you to enrich your life, to be more interesting, and most importantly, to feel more interesting!

Therein lies the clue!  If we feel interesting, then the energy we will radiate will be more inspiring and engaging.  In turn we’ll get more attention, and that will keep feeding us to do more and keep on going.

Step 1: Find Your Passion

Do this by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What do I do in a day that makes me feel like I’ve had so much fun?
  2. What never feels like hard work or a chore?
  3. What energizes me?

Step 2: Create Time For Your Passion

In a life that is already busy, you may feel that there is no time for anything new.  In fact, if it’s to do something you are passionate about, the time will just appear.  Some suggestions to help you create time are:

  1. Prioritize your time according to the things you have to do, and the things you want to do.  Put your passion at the top of the list of things you want to do
  2. Start a mantra in your head about time – if we always tell ourselves there is no time, there never will be.  If I catch myself doing this, I change it for my mantra which is “time is abundant”, and magically, it manifests itself.
  3. Find a heart-centered feeling for why you want the time – so dig deep for this.  Consider what would make you get out of bed when you were feeling hung-over and exhausted, and still find time for.  When you tap into that feeling, you will always find time for your passion.

Step 3: Talk About Your Passion

You could talk to your friends, your colleagues, your family, even yourself out-loud or by journaling it.  Here are some benefits to doing just that:

  1. The more you talk about what you are passionate about, the more people will latch on to that energy they feel.  The more they feel it from you, the more they will tell others about you and engage with you. 
  2. Your passion doesn’t have to be something you are actually doing right now, it may be something you want to do or experience, and by talking about it, opportunities will come your way because your attention starts to focus on it
  3. You will find yourself more interesting because you are no longer stuck in the mundane of everyday.  In fact you’ll feel like you are on  a journey of discovery.  Others will come along for the ride with you. It’s like a train picking up passengers on the way, and faster it goes, the less people want to get off.  They stay with you.
  4. Whatever you talk about, keep it positive.  People will often focus on talking about bad news and that conversation escalates, but it is time limited.  Eventually people will switch off from negativity, fear and bad news and no longer want to feel the effect it has on them.

Being interesting, is just that.  It’s about the being more than the doing.  

I used to be so obsessed with thinking I had to tell people all about the things I was doing, that when I became too busy to try anything new, conversations with my partner would just grind to a halt.  He was the listener and I the talker, so if there wasn’t anything to tell him about, awkward silences followed.  Then I applied this 3-step formula, and have never looked back!  He is more engaged in discussions, we interact more, my friends help me with suggestions to evolve my ideas, and I feel so much more energized.  It became a win-win for everyone!

I am also a huge advocate for multi-tasking, so I started combining my passions which helped with the time constraints.  I made my work my passion – which was to help people in a more holistic approach than just medical, so I trained as a core-energy coach, and sure, we touch on medical matters and health, but my work is something I am so passionate about. I get to help people find purpose, time and balance in their lives.

I love healthy eating and vegan food, but never had time to actually make it!  I started talking about it though, and to my pleasant surprise, so many people came forward with that shared passion.  They gave me quick recipe idea, and restaurant suggestions, and we met up more to try those places out.  So the being led to more doing, which in turn led to even more talking!

My latest combination is meditation and dance.  I love both so have found a way to combine the two together.  I now get to engage with my passions of teaching , exercise, dancing, mediation and having fun  all in one hit by running mediation with dance classes virtually.  It’s  so much fun!  The vibe is phenomenal, I get to share space and time with my tribe, I connect to myself and others, I focus on my goals and passions, I relieve my stress, and most importantly, I enjoy and feel so interesting!

If pajamas are your passion, then maybe start writing a blog about the latest pajama trends.  Whatever it happens to be, when we engage in it, when we live it, when we talk about it, that is how we get to be more interesting.  Not just for a few moments and for the time available, but for a lifetime.

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