Why Living Your Purpose Can Help Your Health, Money, And Much More

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Health issues occur when we aren't getting enough vital force energy into our bodies. Vital force energy is energy from source. We get vital force energy by living our purpose and aligning to who we are at soul level. The farther away we are living from who we are, the less vital force energy we get. 

Our soul needs to express itself authentically and when it doesn't it can cause us a whole host of issues. Unfortunately, so many people do not even know their purpose and who they really are at soul level. 

Over many lifetimes we make choices that start to bring us farther and farther away from who we really are. These cause blocks and restrictions in our lives blocking us from that vital force energy we desperately need. 

Most people continue to make the same kinds of negative choices life after life without even realizing it and get stuck in those patterns which makes it harder and harder to get back to who they really are. Who they really are gets buried in all of these blocks and restrictions.

It's important to know that everyone is different.  There is no general right or wrong choice despite what society says. A negative choice for me could be a positive choice for you. That's why it's so important to know your purpose and who you are at soul level so you know what is positive for you.

The more you align yourself to your purpose and who you are at soul level, the better your life gets mentally, physically and emotionally. The state of your health and finances is always a good way to tell how aligned you are. The more aligned you are, the better your health and finances will be. 

Once you know your purpose and who you are at soul level, then you can make choices that align which will make things much easier for you. When you aren't aligned, you can get stuck and it will feel like you're always working against yourself.  It will always feel like a struggle. But when you are aligned to your purpose and who you are at soul level, it will feel like the universe is on your side and working for you. 

Everyone has a gift and it's so important to use it! Using it will save you so much trouble! When you align to your purpose gift it's like everything is working for you not against you. You can feel that sense of purpose and wonderful serendipity in your life. 

So many have the concept of what their purpose is wrong. Our purpose isn't a specific job. Our purpose is to use our special purpose gift as much as we can and how we choose. We always have free will. The more you use and align with your gift, the better your life will get.

Aligning in this life can also save trouble in future lives. So knowing and living your purpose can not only make things better in this life but in future lives as well.

For those that already know their gift, really embody it in all areas of your life not just what you do for work. Even from how you cook, to how you get the kids ready and to school, to how you do everyday things. 

The more you align the more inspirations and opportunities you will get to align even more. It is extra important to use it as much as you can for what you do for work because that's how you will create abundance. You can never create abundance if you aren't using your purpose gift. You may get a good paying job without it, but you will always manifest extra expenses and won't be able to actually create abundance. 

We all can be abundant in every part of our lives. Every single person has that opportunity no matter where you started. Without knowing your purpose it's just trial and error to make the right choices to get there. But when you know your purpose and the right choices and what to align to it makes it so much easier! 

So use your purpose in everything you do, especially what you do for work and not only your health will improve but everything in your life will! The more you fight against your purpose, the harder things will be. I want everyone to have the gift of knowing and living their purpose! 

If you already know your purpose and who you are at soul level and would like some help implementing it and aligning even better to it I have psychic coaching services available on my website.

If you have health problems really work on aligning, it can help you in so many ways. Know that you don't have to have to suffer but you must get out of negative patterns and align better to gain some ground with your health issues. It is always up to you but changing your choices will change your life! The more you do that the better you get. 

I am speaking from experience. I myself have eliminated a lot of health problems and was actually bedridden for almost 10 years. I was having to have 2 surgeries every six months for years and was told I would for the rest of my life. I have not had those surgeries in over 3 years and am better than ever! So just keep going and know that you can get out of this. Nothing is impossible but know it's not up to anyone else only you can do it yourself! Nothing ever just happens to us it's all because of our choices either in this life or from a past life. The good news is you can change your choices and help everything in your life including your health! 

If you don't know your purpose and who you are at soul level I can find out for you in a Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing. In that I can also find and clear your blocks and restrictions and let you know what patterns to get out of going forward to help you plus so much more. The full information on it is here: 


Kristine Carlson is a psychic medium, advanced soul realignment practitioner, life coach, and author. If you would like some answers you can get a convenient, personal email reading, clearing or personal on the phone coaching from Kristine on her website:

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This article was originally published at Psychic Medium Readings By Kristine’s Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.