What's The Point Of Life? How To Find Purpose While Social Distancing

What's The Point Of Life? How To Find Purpose While Social Distancing

Why are we here?

During this time of social isolation, that question can ring even louder for many of us than normal.

Understanding why we are here and how we can use this time to find our true selves and our life purpose can hopefully help alleviate some of your COVID-19 induced fear of what lies ahead.

We are all here on Earth to experience ourselves. On the other side, we are all one and we aren't separate from one another, so it can be hard to see where we end and where others begin.

But by being in this physical dimension (Earth) we become individuated into separate bodies. This is the only way for us to be separate enough from everyone else to actually experience ourselves for who we each are.

We experience ourselves through our choices and consequences, and we take all of this knowing of ourselves back to the other side when we are done with each life. 

While being isolated, yes, there may seem to be fewer choices to make, but there are just different ways to make choices and consequences now. And of course, in doing so, find ourselves more. 

The good thing about being in social isolation is it gives us time to really dig deep into who we each are and what we want.

It is a sort of pause in our normal life to really see what's important and what's not. This time period has a way of really showing us what means a lot to us and what really doesn't. 

This time is actually the best time ever for us to truly find our true selves. The key is to see this time period as the opportunity it is. Those that can see this time period as an opportunity and take advantage can really find themselves much quicker than during "normal" life. What a beautiful gift this is for those that choose to take advantage of it. 

The first step is to look at how "normal" life was before isolation and dissect it thoroughly.

What was important to you? What could you have done without? What were you doing that only wasted your time? What were you hiding from? Did (do) you love your job? Would working towards something different make you happier and be more authentically you? 

In order to truly find yourself you have to be really clear on everything including the good and the bad. You cannot have blinders on or be in denial and still find yourself. Really look at what changes you can make once we do get back to normal life. The key is to cut out what you didn't like and what wasn't working for you. There has never been a better time to do so. 

Eliminating any unnecessary elements will bring you closer to your true self. The more we fill our lives with unimportant fluff and things we really don't like, the farther we get from our true selves and our purpose. 

The next step is to look at what sacrifices you are making.

Some think sacrifice is noble but it actually isn't. When you sacrifice you are not helping anyone, especially yourself. Any decisions of sacrifice actually bring you away from your purpose and your true self. And yes this includes sacrificing as a parent. No matter what, it is never healthy. This shows your kids that they need to sacrifice and that they can't have it all. This becomes something that gets passed down from generation to generation. 

Look at ways you can remove any sacrifice from your life. You never have to give up one thing for another that is always just a choice. Look at other ways you can accomplish both. Really look deep at any patterns of sacrifice in your life. You can never truly live your purpose while you are engaging in sacrifice.

Next truly look at what you love. How can you add more of that in your life?

You have the choice to experience yourself either in struggle or in a fulfilled life. Experiencing yourself in a fulfilled happy life is much easier. You will learn about yourself both ways but just know that it is a choice. 

Over many lifetimes so many have gotten so far away from their purpose and who they are that they lose sight of the fact that they can be happy and they don't have to choose struggle. I know to so many it doesn't feel like a choice but it is. Really start focusing on your choices and don't allow what you don't want in your life from here on out. Yes it won't be easy but it's the only way to truly find yourself and live your purpose which is a gift we should all experience. 

If you aren't living your purpose, you can never truly live an abundant life.

All that sacrificing and effort only brings you farther away from abundance. Living your purpose is a much easier path and only gets easier the more of your purpose you add into your life. 

Relationships are another way to stray from our true selves. Take a good look at all of your relationships in your life. Are they fulfilling you or are they causing chaos and bringing you down? Really strive to only allow those that fulfill you or bring you up in your life. 

When you stay in a dysfunctional relationship, you are telling the universe that you want that dysfunction and hardship in your life. That will only cause you to attract even more dysfunction and hardship into your life and becomes a vicious cycle.  

So now is a great time to really see what relationships to focus on and what ones to remove from your life. Don't stay if it isn't right that only harms both of you and keeps you from being yourself. Try to see your relationships from an outside perspective. What would you tell your friends if they had a similar relationship? We can often get so caught up in emotions and familiarity that we can't see how much that relationship is harming us. 

Next take a look at how you can organize your life to fit more of what's important in it. We only have so much space so really focus on creating the life you want in that limited space. Anything/anyone you don't want, isn't you, or is out of obligation will always bring you farther from yourself. Really plan and schedule so you can fit all you do want into your life and eliminate anything that isn't meaningful to you. You want to only experience what is meaningful to you! 

Work on the changes you can make now and plan for the changes you'll be able to make once things get back to normal. The more you do this, the more you will find yourself and your purpose. 

Use this time period to make changes that will help the rest of your life. Don't just go back to normal life and forget the wonderful lessons you learned during isolation. Find yourself and your purpose. 

If you need help finding your purpose and living as your authentic self, I recommend a Soul Realignment Reading And Clearing.

You are here on earth to experience yourself. Are you doing that or are you experiencing being not yourself?

This is the most wonderful time for all of us to grow spiritually and find ourselves. We have never had such a great opportunity before! Use it to its fullest! 

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Kristine Carlson is a psychic medium, advanced soul realignment practitioner, life coach, and author. If you would like, you can get a convenient, personal email reading, clearing, or personal coaching by visiting her website.