What Is Your Life's Purpose And Why Do So Many Get It Wrong?


Are you living your purpose?

When you are living your purpose things just fall right into place but if you aren't, life can feel really hard and you will just feel stuck.

When you are perfectly aligned to your purpose you can tell because you will become more and more abundant in all areas of your life.

Our purpose in life is never a specific job like most think. Our purpose is to use our purpose gifts in whatever we choose to do. We are all Divine beings with free will.

We aren't here to do a specific thing like become a doctor or journalist etc. We are here to experience ourselves, create, and to settle karma from past lives. We can experience ourselves negatively or positively that is always up to us and the choices we make.

As long as you can use your purpose gift in what you do you can live your purpose. If what you are doing goes against your purpose gift then that would make things difficult for you.

The more you can use your gift, the better. It's more of a progression over time to keep adding it more and more to your life. As you add more of it into your life and use it more you will be inspired with how to use it even more.

The more you use and align your life to your gift, the better your life gets. It's a process of adding it more and more over time. As you do you get happier and happier and more peaceful and abundant.

Aligning with and using your purpose gift can assure you experience things the most positively possible. Life will be positive and much easier!

We create the life we want for ourselves by our choices. The more we choose to infuse our purpose gift into our lives, the better and more abundant our lives will be in all areas.

When you don't know your gift it can be like going through life blind through the mud and can be very frustrating. When you do know your purpose gift you can be mindful and align your purpose to everything you do in life with anything from cooking to major life changes. Knowing what your gift is gives you the power over your life and a clear vision instead of walking blind through life.

The more and more you align to your purpose and the deeper you do, the happier your life will get.

How do you know what your purpose gift is?

Our purpose gifts are usually things we don't see as gifts because they come so easily to us that we think everyone can do it too but they can't.

Some have more than one purpose gift and need to be sure to incorporate both into all they do. Think about what comes really easy to you? Your purpose will never be something you have to struggle to learn or get it will just be natural and easy.

So what comes so easy to you that you don't even think it is a special gift? Working on finding your purpose is the best thing you can do for yourself and everyone around you.

It can be hard for some to realize their purpose gifts on their own because over many lives we all create blocks from who we are which can make it harder and harder to know and use your purpose gift. Our negative choices create those blocks. Everyone is different and a negative choice for one person could be a positive choice for another. There isn't a set of rules that works for everyone that's why knowing who you are and what's positive and negative for you is so important!

A negative choice is one that goes against who you are at soul level and against your purpose. A positive choice aligns with it. I promise positive choices will make you much happier and save you a lot of trouble!

If you are stuck and have trouble knowing and using your purpose gift, Kristine can get you that information plus clear those blocks that have been created from life to life to make it easier to align to your purpose. She can do that and so much more in a Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing. The full info on it is here:

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This article was originally published at Psychic Medium Readings By Kristine’s Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.