What Is A Spirit Guide And What Do They Do For Us?


Spirit guides are souls just like us that have been to earth many times themselves. They are just souls a little more advanced than us that want to help us get the most out of our life.

Guides usually are no one you knew on earth. Sometimes they can be but that's very rare. As they guide you, they learn and grow from the experience as well.

It is a big commitment to be a spirit guide and a huge job to take on. They want the best for us and put in a lot of time and effort into helping us the best they can without interfering with our free will.

We choose our first main spirit guide before we come to earth and go over our goals etc. with them. Our guide knows us better than anyone and is always with us.

We all have at least one spirit guide. New guides will come in as well when necessary. As we make different choices in life new guides are added to our team to help guide us with those choices.

We also have temporary guides that our soul hires to help us through temporary things in our lives as needed. Depending on the choices we make, we acquire new guides to help us if our main guide(s) can't.

Spirit guides can also give access to thousands and thousands of other spirits to guide us for specific things that may not be their specialty.

Spirit guides will interchange depending on the choices you make. We always have free will and our guides do their best to keep up to speed with the choices we make. Some of us can really keep them on their toes. Having lots of guides isn't always better because sometimes having too much different guidance can be more confusing than helpful.

As a young child, only the first main guide we are born with is needed. This is because we don't make many choices yet and don't need more guides.

We usually acquire our second guide at around age 10. At that age we start to really make more choices on our own so another guide comes in to help. Children that are in tough situations and have to grow up fast may acquire a second guide earlier than most to help them through that.

We can also acquire spirit guides that help us do things that aren't helpful and are negative for us solely because of our choices. For instance, if someone is being bullied in school they may choose to retreat into themselves which helps them cope in that moment. That choice to retreat causes our soul to hire a spirit guide to help us continue do that. They make that choice to retreat so the spirit guide assumes that's what they want to do with their free will and that spirit guide will continue helping them retreat. Of course, that can affect the person negatively until they make an active choice to do otherwise and get out of that pattern. Every choice we make affects our lives. We are in control. If you think you may have a negative, unhelpful guide I can clear and remove them for you in a Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing.

We have help on the other side trying to guide us and keep us on track but ultimately our choices are what dictate our lives. Some things in our lives are because of karma and choices we made in past lives as well. Every single thing in our lives, good or bad, is because of choices we made. Nothing ever just happens to us.

Our spirit guides try to guide us in the right direction. At first if you are headed in a direction that's not right for you they will gently nudge you then it will get stronger and stronger. It's as if at first they will throw a pebble then if you don't listen a rock, then a brick, then a boulder etc. So if it feels like you are constantly being stopped, you are most likely headed in the wrong direction.

Although, it can be tricky because sometimes you need to get knocked down and get up again to make it where you need to be. Before we get to something great we have been working towards there will always be a mishap or drama etc. that will occur. So many people stop there and give up but that's actually a sign that you are close to your goal and to keep pushing through it.

It's all about connecting with your inner self and listening to your intuition to find that balance. We are meant to connect deeper with our souls but unfortunately so many have gotten away from that. All the answers are inside us if we just make an effort to connect with them and most importantly listen.

When listening to your spirit guide It's important to go with the flow like you were in a canoe on a stream. Don't row or fight upstream, let your spirit guide guide you in the right direction all while choosing your intended path with active choice. This is a very fine balance. You don't want to give up control because it is your life and your choices but it's also important to look inside and pay attention to the signs your spirit guide is trying to give. You want to work together as harmoniously as possible.

Know that you are not alone on your journey and your guides are there to help you. Talk to them and tell them what you want so they can help you. The more clear you are with the path you want to go on the better they can help you!

Kristine is a psychic medium, advanced soul realignment practitioner, and author. If you would like a reading or clearing from her all the information is on her website:

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This article was originally published at Psychic Medium Readings By Kristine Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.