How To Tell If You Are Living Your Purpose

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Are you living your purpose? The biggest tells to know if you are living your purpose and how much are the state of your health and finances. The better your health and finances are, the more aligned you are to your purpose.

Those that aren't aligned at all with their purpose will not have abundance in their lives and will have health issues. The more abundant you are and the better your health is the more you are using your gift. It's important to align your purpose to everything you do in life not just what you do for work.

There are different levels. The more you align to your purpose the better your life gets. You can align it to how you clean, how you cook or don't cook, how you get the kids ready for school, even how you get to work etc. It all depends on what your specific purpose gift is, everyone is different.

The more you bring your purpose into your life the better your life will be. If you aren't aligned to your purpose there will be a lot of road blocks and struggle in your life. Those road blocks and that struggle are there to tell you that you need to do something different. 

Unfortunately most people just accept being unhappy and think there is nothing they can do. But that's not true, everything is in your control by making necessary changes. 

Anything you don't like in your life look at what steps you can take to change it. Don't just give into it and accept it! This is where knowing your purpose makes it easier to know what next steps to take. 

This is an ongoing thing where over time you align more and more. No matter how much you are aligned there is always a new level you can go to to align more with your purpose. You want to incorporate it into things you do regularly everyday to really make the most impact. This is a wonderful ongoing process to learning about yourself and using your purpose to help others. As you align more and more your life gets better and you are able to help others with your gift which brings a lot of fulfillment. 

Our purpose gift is usually something we don't see as a gift because it comes so easily and naturally to us. So many people are not aware of their purpose gift which results in struggle. They think everyone must have that gift because it comes so easy. So they sort of ignore their gift and don't use it like they should because they don't see it as a gift. Are you ignoring your precious purpose gift?

Living your purpose is not just doing some preplanned specific job. It is using your purpose gift in whatever you choose to do. The more you use your gift and align with it, the better your life will get. We all have free will to choose how we use our gift but using it to the maximum brings about a much better life not only for you but for those around you as well. 

Knowing your child's purpose gift can help so much in understanding them and raising them. I love when I can give a parent their kids purpose gift, it changes both lives. A parent can then gently guide them based on their gift! What a gift to give a child so they don't have to struggle to find their purpose! And what a gift to the parent to understand their child on a much deeper level. 

For those that know their purpose gift, ask yourself every step of the day how you can align that task better to your purpose gift. Ask yourself how you can use your purpose to serve others. As you help others with your purpose gift it helps you as well and is a perfect balance. 

If you don't know your purpose gift I can find that out for you and so much more by going into your Akashic Records in a Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing. The information on that is here:

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This article was originally published at Psychic Medium Readings By Kristine’s Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.