How To Expand Your Personal 'Extrasensory Perception' & Learn To Trust Your Sense Of Intuition

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How To Expand Your Personal 'Extrasensory Perception' & Learn To Trust Your Sense Of Intuition
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First of all, it's important to know that you already have intuition — everyone does. Some are more in touch with it than others, and some just ignore it completely but either way it's there. You already have the tool; you just need to learn how to use it!

The following is how to get in touch with your intuition and start really using it to your benefit. It's a gift that you already have, why not use it?

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Being centered in yourself is very helpful for this process. If you are always frantic and in chaos, it's hard to hear your intuition clearly with all that extra noise in your life. So really put the focus on balance in your life and centering in on yourself more. Meditation is very helpful for this.

Setting intentions is key as with anything in your life. Talk to your spirit guides and let them know you want to start using your gift of intuition more and they will help you. Be clear with what you want. Trust that if you are clear with what you want that they will guide you and help you get there.

A lot of doubt in yourself can make it harder to trust your intuition so looking into that and working on trusting yourself more will really help. To do that focus on making smaller goals and always accomplishing them so you can start to trust and believe in yourself more. Stick to and follow through with your plans. That will help you to know you can do what you want and have more trust in yourself.

The more you trust in yourself and your intuition, the better it will get. You are born with intuition, but it's like a muscle: The more you use it the better it gets!

Focus on your great qualities more and put active work into those that you think could use some work. You are like clay and can build yourself into exactly what you want! Take charge and be who you know you can be. Believe in you so you can believe in your intuition and trust it.

Taking a look back can help put things in perspective. Look back in the past when you didn't listen to your intuition but wished you did. How did it feel? Where did you feel that nudge that came through? Was it in your stomach, your chest, your head? What senses did you feel?

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We have all wished we listened to our intuition at some point. Locating a "physical" location of it can help you in the future so you can learn what it feels like. This takes some time and practice but just opening up to pay attention to it makes a lot of headway just in itself.

Really start paying attention. Most people are so closed off that they miss those things. Be open and pay attention that is the most important thing when building your intuition.

Most people get the nudge of intuition but ignore it until they look back and wish they listened. Start actively listening to it. The more you do that the more intuitive nudges you will get. Once your intuition sees you are going to use and listen to it, it will start flowing more and more. You have the answers so trust that and listen to them!

Journaling can also be helpful. Keep track of nudges or even just thoughts. Keep track of dates and times and how and where you felt the impulse.

Look back on your notes often and you will see what your intuition was telling you and you will learn your intuition language better and better. Over time you will start to notice a pattern and will be able to pinpoint when your intuition is talking to you immediately without any doubts.

Be patient with yourself. Your intuition is like a muscle that you need to use and practice in order to build it. But once you build it up and trust it, it will change your life!

Imagine just always knowing what choice is best for you and sensing something coming so you can course-correct before it happens. Intuition is a beautiful tool that can make a world of difference in your life. It's like going from being blind to seeing clearly.

Once you start listening to it and understanding it, then it’s time to start tapping into it when you want and not just waiting for it to happen. To do this take a quiet time out and a few breaths to center and clear your head. Be clear on what you want help with and listen to what you feel, hear, or sense. This will get stronger and stronger the more you do it.

Take the time to nurture and build your intuition to make your life easier. I promise it's worth the effort you put in!

The more aligned you are with your purpose and who you are at the soul level, the easier it is to use your intuition. If you would like help aligning and clearing blocks in your way and much more I can do that for you in a Soul Realignment Reading And Clearing. The info on that is here:

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