How To Find Your Passion In Life

How To Find Your Passion In Life

Life goes by so fast. Are you just walking through your life on autopilot? Are you fully living your passions? 

You are here on earth to express your full authentic self and without living your passions you are suppressing that and not getting what you need out of this life. This is what you are here for so don't put it on the back burner for another day! The following is how you can find and live that passion starting today! 

Life isn't about doing what others tell you or what society says, it's about being you and enjoying the physical realm while you are here. On the other side we are all one so on earth is the only place you can really find out who you are as an individual, as a separate being. 

Doing what you think you should won't allow you to do that. What's good for one person may be horrible for another. You cannot go by others you have to listen to yourself and what you want! 

You have to be willing to let go of what others and society wants for you and what you think you should want first. So many are so entrenched in what others want for them that they don't know what they want. So it's important to do a lot of introspection and get to the core of what you want.

So many have completely lost sight of what they want because they do what they think they should. This is your life for you to live not everyone else! 

So the first thing is to strip down everything that comes from society and what others want for you and figure out what you want. This may be harder for some that have completely lost sight of themselves but just keep focusing on it and you will get there. 

The only way to figure out what you want is to start taking actions on inspirations that you have and towards what you have always wanted to do. As you start taking actions you will start to see if you really have passion for it. If not it will give you a better idea of what you don't want and give a new inspiration towards another step. 

It is a step by step process and will fully form one step at a time so let it grow and change as you go while always focusing on what you want.

The biggest mistake you can make when trying to find your passion is to just stay stuck and not try anything new. Even trying something you don't end up liking eliminates that and makes what you do want clearer and you are one step forward. 

So many don't take any steps at all because they are afraid to take a wrong step. The only wrong step is not taking any at all! You can never move forward without taking any new steps! 

You have to get out and explore so you can learn about your passions and yourself. Not trying or creating anything new will always keep you where you are and keep you stuck. So start exploring what you want and find what sparks your passion! 

Also, look at any problem areas in your life. How can you take new steps to make that better. Can you help others with that as well? Our hardest times can give us the best inspirations. When hard times come don't shut down and just settle that it always has to be that way, don't give in. 

Look for the positive and the inspirations to fix it and make it better so that it doesn't keep repeating in your life over and over. Look into how you can fix things that aren't working, let that inspire you! Focus on what you do want.

It helps to think about if you only had a week left to live or a month. What would you want to do? What would you be upset about if you didn't accomplish? What would you kick yourself for not enjoying more while you had the chance? 

Make a list of things you love and then a list of things you think you "have to do". Let that help guide you and go further into the items on the love list. 

Can you add more of that in your life? Can you help others enjoy those things you love more? Just really push it further and deeper and keep going and build from that. Focus more on what you love and enjoy and less on what you don't. Focusing on what you love will help to attract more of that. 

It's very common that when I'm doing readings from those that have crossed over, for them to say that the little things are what meant the most to them. It's the little special everyday moments where you can get the most from if you are truly present. 

If you crossed over today what would you miss the most? Let that answer help you to focus and be present more during those moments now before you do cross over. 

Finding passion in the little things each day like being really present when you are snuggling with a pet or partner or just fully enjoying your shower can help to spark passion inspirations. Take an extra minute to really feel and dance to your favorite music. 

Just focus on enjoying what you do have and love! Nothing is promised so really stay present and enjoy those little moments. Let them open you up for new inspirations to develop your passion! Think about what you want to leave the world with when you are gone. Really look at things from a bigger perspective.

Those that can't find their passion have a lot of times told themselves that what they want is impossible. It may take some work but once you start towards what you want you will feel much better. Even slowly on your way to living your passion is much better than not on your way at all! Don't suppress any passions. If you have them you can explore them!

When searching for your passion know that it's always a continual journey and will grow and change as you grow and change. Let that be okay and stay excited for the next step! Be open to new or updated passions! 

Another important step to finding your passion is not being afraid to get out of your comfort zone. We can never move forward while still staying in our comfort zone. Know that any good step forward will always feel uncomfortable and scary at first. That's how you know you are actually taking a step out of your comfort zone. 

When you feel that sense of being uncomfortable, relish in that and praise yourself but most of all keep going! The only way forward is to go through that to the other side of it! See it as a good sign to continue moving forward not a sign to stop. This unfortunately stops so many people from living their passion, don't let it stop you! 

Give yourself quiet meditation time. Your mind needs to have some silence to really let in those inspirations. Just before you fall asleep and right as you wake up are the most common times people get inspirations from their higher self. Keep a pen and paper by your bed and write them down so they don't slip away. Most of all act on them! 

Knowing your purpose gift is a very important step towards expressing your true self and living your passion. For those that do know their purpose gift, the more you use that in your life the better your life will get and what you want and your passions will get clearer. 

If you don't know what your purpose gift is I can find out for you and clear any blocks in your way plus more In a Soul Realignment Reading And Clearing. The full info for that is here:

Now start towards your passion! Don't put it off another day, it is so important! 

Kristine Carlson is a psychic medium, advanced soul realignment practitioner, life coach, and author. If you would like, you can get a convenient, personal email reading, clearing or personal coaching from Kristine on her website:

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