How To Answer That Age Old Question, "What Should I Do With My Life?

How To Answer That Age Old Question, "What Should I Do With My Life?
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"What Should I Do With My Life?" This is a question so many unfortunately go their whole lives without answering. I don't want that to be you! 

So many people just walk around aimlessly through life. They go to a job they hate and just stay in that pattern. Every one of you can live the life you want. The following is how to figure out what you want and start doing it. 

The first thing to ask yourself is what comes easily to you? People think they need to work hard and struggle but your purpose gift will always come easy to you. 

It comes so easy that most people don't even see it as a gift. Hard work and struggle only attract more hard work and struggle. When you are using your purpose gift you enjoy it and feel fulfilled! 

So ask yourself what do you love to do that comes easily to you? Don't judge it by telling yourself "I want to do this but I can't make enough money etc. " 

The more you use your purpose gift the more abundant you will be. If you take a job that doesn't use your purpose gift just for more money, you will only manifest more expenses so your abundance level will be the same anyway. True abundance can only come from using your purpose gift.

One thing to know is it is never too late to start using your purpose gift! Your purpose gift is the key to unlock your happy life and it's never too late to do that! I know a lot of you are telling yourself it's too late or it's impossible and I want to cut that off right now! 

I am speaking this from experience and used to tell myself the same thing. I was bedridden for 10 years due to a car accident. I was told that's how things would be for the rest of my life. I was miserable, stuck, and in a really bad place. But once I figured out and started using my purpose gift slowly but surely my whole life changed. 

I went from bedridden to a competitive figure skater at 34 years old! And I didn't skate at all before the accident! Now my life is amazing and I am happy and thankful every second of every day. I have created the life I always dreamed of. Better than I dreamed of really!  And I still continue to add more of my purpose gift into my life and as I do my life just gets better and better.

I look forward to life everyday and it only gets better which is a far cry from where I used to be.  The more you use the purpose not only the more abundant you will be but your health gets better and better. I say this to let you know I'm not just saying this from nowhere. I was way below the bottom, but now I am living my dreams every day and you can too! So don't tell yourself you can't do it because you can! Just one step at a time! 

Another question to ask yourself is if I only had one week to live what would I do? When you cut out all of the the things that don't mean as much to you and get to what is really important, that helps you to figure out what you really want. For a bit forget about the pressures of the world and responsibilities and making money if that wasn't a factor what would you choose to do? 

Focus on what matters. So many think that they can't cut anything out and that they have to do everything. That is not true. It may not be easy and may take time but it is always worth it. 

We are only on earth for a short time, why waste it on unnecessary and non meaningful time fillers? When we spread ourselves too thin we don't really accomplish anything fully. 

Focus only on what is important to you and cut as much of the rest out as you can! As you add more and more of your purpose gift in your life you will have the freedom to cut more things you don't want out. But for now start with where you are and work from there. 

Next ask yourself what do you love? Be sure this is what YOU really love, not anyone else or what society says you should love. We are all different and a good choice for one person could be a negative one for another. You always have to focus in on what you really love. 

Some feel they need to please everyone else but if you do that by neglecting your wants you are hurting everyone. The more you are happy and fulfilled, the better you can also help everyone else. 

This also sets a great example for those around you including children. Don't let them think you have to be miserable and sacrifice yourself because that pattern can continue for generations. Show them you can be happy and live for you!

Always remember you are here on earth to express yourself and who you are, so doing something someone else wants you to you only brings you father away from your purpose. So many people focus on what others want for them and what society wants for them and they don't know what they actually want. Get to your core and figure out what you want without everyone else's opinions! 

More questions to ask yourself are who are you? What makes you tick? What is different about you than anyone else? What makes you special? Focusing on those answers can really help you to figure things out. You can only focus in on you to get the answers. You are in charge of your life, choose what you want! 

The next question to ask yourself is how can you be of service to others with your purpose gift? When we can help others and bring value and service to others using our purpose gift that's when the real fulfillment comes into play.

Know that there is never a final destination, it's a journey. As you go you will change, tweak, and upgrade as you create more and more of what you want. Let that be okay. Start where you are with what you have and build from there. 

Let yourself be inspired to do new things and try them. Don't let yourself stay stuck thinking that you have to do just one thing forever. As long as you are using your purpose gift in what you do you can continue to be happy. The more you use your purpose gift in everything you do, not just for work, the happier you will be. 

A very important part of finding what you truly love and want to do is trial and error. Some are so afraid to make the wrong choice that they don't make any choice at all. This can really keep people stuck forever. Even a wrong choice is a start in the right direction because you at least learn what you don't want which helps you to realize more of what you do want. 

So when you get inspired try it or take steps towards it. If you find out you don't like it, move to the next. Usually when you realize something is not right for you, you will get ideas of the next thing that could be right for you. 

Feel free to let things evolve as you learn more and more of what you like and don't like. We are continually growing. Again, this is a journey not a destination. It's okay to change your mind as you grow. If you didn't you wouldn't really be growing! 

Another question to ask yourself is when you leave this earth what is it you want to leave behind and how do you want others to remember you? Figuring this out and then restructuring your life to fit that is important. Don't look back and regret never living your true purpose. Make the most of your life while you are here! 

If you are having trouble knowing what your purpose gift is I can tell you that and much more in a Soul Realignment Reading And Clearing. The information for that is here:

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