Communication Problems

Years in Practice

6-10 years


San Marino CA 91108 - United States


CHC, MCC, Other

Additional Expertise

Health Coach, Marriage Coach, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Mentor, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Sex Coach

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Helping you explore and gain mastery over issues of identity, health, spirituality, sex, creativity, transitions, anxiety, interpersonal communication and relationships. I help you help yourself thrive.

About Pedro F. Baez

I help men and women explore their choices to find purpose, abundance and joy in their lives, relationships and careers. If you feel stuck, uninspired and stagnant, let's uncover your passion's edge. I facilitate this uncovering, primarily, by helping you, as my client, to stay out of your own way. I also help clients with acute, chronic and terminal health challenges, their loved ones and caretakers thrive. Life is meant to be lived, under any circumstance, fully, mindfully, passionately and to the very last minute and breath you take.

Transformational coaching goes beyond the "how", the "who", the "when" and "the goal", and into the all-powerful, revealing, self-liberating illuminations of the "why". It questions, brainstorms, and debunks. It empowers, gets you focused, energized and inspired by challenging and helping you discard and effectively replace obsolete, painful and limiting beliefs that are, oftentimes, non-experiential, familial and non-consciously acquired.

Transformational coaching probes into the way you think and feel, and the motivation(s) and reason(s) behind it, rather than just guiding, coercing or compelling you to modify behavior(s) or to act in a certain way by putting into practice an unreflective, scripted, prescribed goal plan or method that ignores the character, dreams, natural propensities, emotional, spiritual and physical needs and dislikes of your Essential Self and the life it longs to live, if unfettered.

I offer exceptionally effective coaching sessions for:

- Transcultural, social and sexual identity issues
- Sexual boundaries exploration and theoretical facilitation
- Creative genesis, artistic block release and ongoing creative facilitation for writers, artists and performers
- Relationship dynamics and shifting
- Interpersonal communication improvement and mastery
- Men's, Women's and LGBTQ's issues
- Mentorship and career facilitation for life coaches and nurses