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Marlboro VT 05344 - United States


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Author, Life Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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I Believe

No matter if we are two-legged, feathery or furry, when we are seen, heard and understood we can find our way back to self-love.

About Nicole Birkholzer

On paper, I am a life/personal/relationship coach.

But, when we work together, I am your playground of inspiration that challenges you to become unstuck and believe in yourself. 

If you're stuck in any aspect of your life: relationships (with self or others, pets included:), creativity (writing + other fun...), negative thought patterns, job or friendships ... I got the passion + energy to get you moving. 

I offer a few tools:
The Mindful Connections Wheel (a mindful communication and problem-solving tool). The MC Wheel and I will guide you to engage your body + intuition in conjunction with your mind. Because, when body, mind + intuition fire together ... you'll be moving ... trust me.

As a writer, I also love to use writing exercises to get your mojo going. You don't need to be a writer or author to benefit from the Gateless Writing Method, but if you are ... you will surely get a new beautiful perspective on your word-smithing. Because when we are in a gateless space ... anything is possible.

If you live in my neighborhood (New England), or are happy to fly in for an Intensive, you can come and work with me and my co-facilitators (warning, they're furry). My horses love to help you identify how - and why - you're stuck. Occasionally they will even balance your chakras. If you'd rather have me do that, I am happy to.

At the end of the day, or session, all tools lead to you getting unstuck so you can get on with your life as a better, healthier and happier You! 

Nicole Birkholzer Success Stories

Seeing With New Eyes

"The stories in Pet Logic combine the feel of James Herriot's veterinary tales with contemporary insights that let us see the world through our pet's eyes. Nicole's narrative shows us that opening our hearts and minds to what our pets are 'telling' us enriches all our lives." ~ Stephanie Sanders, founder and publisher of Massachusetts Horse


"Nothing short of magical. If there ever was an individual who understands how to communicate beyond words, you'll meet her in the pages of this book. Nicole walks the walk because her four-footed friends don't talk the talk . . . it's beautiful silent communication." ~ John Perdrizet DVM, PHD, DACVIM, LAC, founder Sanctuary Animal Clinic

Take These Stories to Heart

"Nicole's stories are a beautiful reminder of the valuable lessons we can learn from animals. Devour this book, take the stories to heart, and you'll experience a deeper, richer life." ~ Gary Cassera, founder of Balanced Dogs, LLC

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