Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

Years in Practice

10 years +


Los Angeles CA 90004 - United States



Additional Expertise

Business Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Wellness Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Life is a gift, and an extraordinary existence filled with happiness, love, good health, and success is attainable for all. - Monica Ortiz

About Monica Ortiz

I am a certified relationship expert, career coach, and personal development educator who has helped thousands of people over a 20+ year career.

I help my clients get incredible results. Many have gone from “hopeless in love” to “beautifully, blissfully married”. Some have gotten raises of up to $30,000. Others have successfully broken into the career of their dreams and achieved their biggest personal goals. The results I get are not typical, nor are they guaranteed, but when people put in the work and use the tools I teach, they often achieve more than they thought possible.

I’ve also had the privilege of speaking at some of the world’s top institutions such as Google, Stanford University, and the University of Southern California (USC) on topics ranging from career success, to relationships, to how to transform your life’s energy.

I believe all people have the potential for incredible success, oftentimes much greater success than they give themselves credit for, and I am grateful I have been able to help them unlock that success. I’d love to work with you to do the same!

Who I Work With:

Over the years, I’ve worked with people of all backgrounds, from CEOs and doctors, to restaurant workers, lawyers, students, and stay-at-home moms. With each person, I help them create a customized plan to accomplish their goals, and then I teach them how to ensure they keep those goals and don’t lose the results.  I want to see you beaming with happiness from knowing you’re now living the life you used to dream of.

What Sets Me Apart From Other Coaches and Educators:

I’ve worked in this field for decades, and it’s my motivation to help others that keeps me constantly learning and sharing the knowledge I’ve gained, but I am far from perfect. I have made mistakes in relationships, love, and business, and fallen flat on my face more than a few times. But I’ve also spent the time to understand those mistakes and decode the lessons and reasons behind each one, and now use that knowledge to benefit others.

In 2013, I published Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve which is one of the most highly rated books in the personal development category on Amazon.com. It has over 100 five-star reviews worldwide and received countless comments from readers on how the stories, tools, and lessons inside have helped them move past obstacles and challenges they’ve struggled with (sometimes for decades!) and finally create the family, work, and personal lives they had always desired.

In 2016, I founded Exceptional Life Institute which boasts a range of high-impact courses for people looking to accelerate a huge transformation in their careers, relationships, and personal goals.

What To Do If You Want Results:

Now the knowledge, courses, tools, and help that has helped thousands of people succeed in love, work, and life is available to you.

Please, take a look through my articles, blogs, and videos. When you feel ready, contact me to set up a personal strategy session to talk about your goals and create the plan you need to get there.