Summer Sizzle For Couples


Skinny-Dip—Ah, the freedom of deciding what not to wear! There is nothing quite like the feeling of swimming and scampering about ‘au naturel’. Nude recreation is one of the fastest growing forms of vacation. A “Na-ka-tion” is a trip to a nude beach, campground or resort, with locations in nearly every state and country. Some federal beaches allow nude sunbathing and you can even take a clothing-optional cruise on some of the top cruise lines in the world. Be sure to bring the sunscreen to slather on each other often!

Camp—It’s one of the best ways to visit our National and State Parks and there’s a method that will suit everyone. From those giant RVs to a simple pup tent, you can have as much luxury or roughing it as you like--for a day, a weekend or all summer. Many parks and campgrounds even rent cabins for those who don’t have their own gear. There’s no end to the fun, either. Rivers, streams, lakes, mountains, trees, hiking, boating, fishing, water sports, picnics, stargazing, bonfires (don’t forget the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate!). What more could shout “Summer Fun!”?

Any of these summer delights can be had on a shoestring budget or a king’s ransom. Money does not need to be the object here.

If you’re now revved up for a kewl Hot vacation, check out the “Better Marriages Fiesta” this July in Albuquerque. You can attend some great sessions with celebrity marriage educators and learn tips that are a lifetime investment to keep your relationship strong.

Before you go home, be sure to enjoy an “S&M” day. (No, not THAT kind of S&M!) Sex & Mex—where you can eat some of THE most fabulous Mexican food on the planet, play games all night (see above) and top it off with a hot air balloon ride at dawn. The memories you build will inspire you to be sizzling playmates forever more!


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Melodie Tucker is a writer, speaker and Mars Venus Success Coach and also a valued member of the YourTango Experts Team. If you’d like to learn more about Better Marriages and the upcoming Fiesta, please contact Priscilla Hunt.