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25 years +


Glen Mills PA 19342 - United States



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Author, Family Coach, Mentor, Occupational Therapist, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

If children could, they would! Equipping the Child while also empowering the parent.

About Maude Le Roux

I am an experienced Occupational Therapist specializing in working with parents and their children who struggle with diagnoses such as developmental delay, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attachment Disorders, Learning Disabilities and Reading Disabilities.

Among multiple certifications, I am an international trainer for Tomatis Sound Therapy and hold a certificate in DIR®/Floortime™.

Children are quite vulnerable to multiple changes in society today and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to bond the family together towards healing and unity. I have extensive training in child development in the sensory motor sense, but also in the emotional sense concerning attachment and bonding in children. I have an affinity for working with children going through attachment difficulties as well as difficulties related to complex trauma. I also have strong experience in working with children on the Autism Spectrum and have developed my own assessment in getting to the nuts and bolts of each profile.

Play is the work of children and our expertise should be to mobilize natural play into greater heights of achievement. I am a little “nerdy” on the brain and have studied and researched the complicated pathways to also achieve academic/reading/learning success in children and do my own courses in executive functioning and emotional processing. I believe all children’s behavior can be explained back to an original reason connected with safety and protection and the exciting part is to figure out why with the parent team. But I do not only help you discover why, I also have developed a developmental pathways model to give you a roadmap as to the likely possibilities of the path to the best possible functional outcome. It cheers my heart that I can watch family units change every day and to know I can play a small part.

My wish is for all to understand that it is a child’s motivation to be understood, to please, to be accepted, and to be respected. My team oriented approach is built upon the foundations of sensory/physical and emotional building blocks in child development. Read more about my work at www.atotalapproach.com.