Years in Practice

3-5 years


Milton Keynes BKM MK3 5EJ - United Kingdom


Other, RN

Additional Expertise

Divorce Recovery Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Healer

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Stay present, trusting, loving and the glory of your truth will shine through you.

About Martina Nyamainashe

Martina is a Transformation Empowerment Coach and Emotion Code Practitioner who works with single and divorced women who are struggling with relationship breakup, what she has found is that these women find it difficult to get over the breakup so they are unhappy, lonely, resentful, bitter, angry, frustrated and have lost their confidence. All they really want is to get over the pain and hurt caused by the the breakup so they can live fully and love again.

Martina has worked as a registered nurse for several years, with adults and children both overseas and the United Kingdom. With this background, experience, skills and she started to recognize early in her carrier that she has a great part to play in empowering women, as she noticed the negative effects of relationship breakup on children and their mothers. Her desire was to find a way that would make life better for the women after they have gone through breakup and limit the negative effect the separation had on the children.

This desire led her to take on training as a life coach so she could reach out to more of those who were coming to her seeking advice. This has now lead to her creating a program that is entirely for the women who are struggling with relationship breakup. As an expert in this area Martina works only with women to help them address the core issues of their struggles, also empowering them to do the same work for their children so that they can raise powerful future generations.

Most women who have heart break find it difficult to be emotionally stable, can easily become overwhelmed or over react to situations that are simple. This affects your health, your family and any new relationship you decide to enter later in life. If you are a single parent and raising kids mostly on your own your children can pick this up from you easily and they will reflect this back to you in ways that might make you feel they are being rebellious or just being bad, when infect they are just giving you feedback from what they are emotionally picking up from you.

So if you are single or divorced, are struggling with relationship breakup and are ready to stop your past from controlling your present and future then Martina will be glad to chat with you. Head over to her website at Transforming Empowerment and book a free relationship breakup breakthrough session.

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