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Career Coach, Confidence Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Marriage Coach, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter, YourTango Expert Partner

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What we practice grows stronger! Stop practicing automatic habits of thinking, feeling, acting and speaking that push people away, sabotage your confidence and undermine your success. Start creating new habits for love and life. I'll walk with you step-by-step.

About Marilyn Sutherland

I am a Relationship, Personal Development, and Leadership Coach. I believe that "Love is the Answer."  When we live from love, life works better!   and the creator of the "Effective Communication: Deeper Connection" course and the online Relationship Program "Your Journey to Lasting Love."

If you are in a committed relationship or marriage:

  • Are you disappointed because your partner doesn’t seem to listen or understand what you need?
  • Are you feeling disconnected from your partner because daily life has taken over and there’s no time for romance?
  • Do you miss the loving feelings and connection you had earlier in your relationship?
  • Do you wonder if you picked the right partner?

If you are a single woman,

  • Do you feel like all the good men are taken?
  • When you do meet a guy who you think has promise, are you disappointed because he doesn’t work out in the end?
  • Are you afraid you’ll grow old alone or have to settle for a man because you won’t find your soulmate?
  • Are you tired of waiting until “he” (your soulmate) shows up so you can start living your life?

It’s easy to blame other people when thing don’t work out for us; however, when you blame others then you are giving them your power. 

Are you ready to take your power back? 

Consider that how you show up in life and how life shows up for you is impacted by:

  • Your beliefs about yourself, others and life (beliefs are what you believe to be true based on your life experiences)
  • Automatic habits you have developed (how you react to situations automatically including what you think, what you say to yourself, what you say to others, feelings that arise in different situations and how you act) 
  • The degree to which you live from Gratitude, Compassion, Self-Awareness and Authenticity in your relationships and communication

Your habits are designed to protect you from pain – such as hurt, fear, and failure. You probably have heard the saying “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  What if some of your unconscious habits are blocking you from having the results you want but you keep doing them and wondering why life and love don't turn out?  Even more impactful is that you decide who you are and what is possible for you based on your fears and challenges, and sometimes give up on what you want and just settle.

What if you can learn new communication and relationship habits that allow you to be the amazing woman you are and let go of old habits that are blocking you from confidence in yourself, connecting with your partner, and having a loving relationship?  You can stop the insanity that leaves you unfulfilled in love and life.  

If you’re ready to make a change, email me at marilyn@YourJourneyToLastingLove.com for a complimentary one-on-one appointment to see how I can support you on your journey to lasting love and fulfillment.  

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