Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

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10 years +


Riverside UT 84334 - United States


BS, Other

Additional Expertise

Energy Healer, Mentor, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Healer, Wellness Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Mysterious synchronicity, as a whisper, reaches deeply

About Falena Magnussen

I am a Spiritual Healer offering my services worldwide to clients who wish to re-create themselves and forge a new identify as the master of their image.

While in High school I did independent studies, including a figure drawing course, until proficient. I began to love sketching as a mode of entering into a place of peace, and tension release. I did acting and modeling in New York and Hawaii after graduating when I was 17. I studied Scandanavian family research and took a pre-modeling course in Salt Lake City. I attended college in Hawaii, years later acquiring a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice, graduating with honors and a GPA of 3.89. I studied athletic massage and took an Onsen pain Therapy course (90 credits) to learn how to cause one’s body to make adjustments that last. I also do acupressure to self adjust alignments more permanently than a chiropractor can do.

I studied herbal medicine, under Dr. Christopher in the sixties, and experimented with his recipes to find how codes within plants instruct one’s physical form to turn around discomfort, disease, and undesirable elements within. I note that when women do not nourish and strengthen their female organs herbally, depriving themselves of elements essential to hormones, discomfort and depression result at times that would otherwise hold pleasure. I unlocked my femininity using herbal tea and delivered my third child in five minutes with joy, and no labor.

The forest I live in is enchanted. I built a geodesic earth-heated and cooled dome (from scratch) there, on a vortex, with little assistance. People still find me, and seek me out to ask for advice, even as they intuit that I will tell them something, though the rest of the world sends them away. I love to help those who appreciate and desire nature to create heaven and joy within and who seek to create the ideal and find beauty. They desire to listen, to co-create with God’s whisperings and feel His love, ever-present in His creation.

I share treasures, somehow mostly lost, that exist to cause what one desires to create while remaking oneself. I seem to attract seekers who sense that answers exist for whatever they ask. Though the general populace suffers ailments, conditions, and situations brought on by centuries of fallen-nature practices and neglect; such may find health, vitality and fulfillment by using simple treasures of knowing, and botanicals. Click on the envelope icon above to get in touch with me.

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