Anxiety Issues

Years in Practice

1-3 years


Boulder CO 80304 - United States



Additional Expertise

Counselor/Therapist, Dietitian, Life Coach, Weight Loss Coach, Wellness Coach

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

that there is truly sustainable way to achieve your health goals, one that will allow you to make peace with mind and body.

About Luciana Gravotta

I am an Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition Coach. It’s amazing how many of our emotional and health  issues are linked to food how we think about food. Whether it be body image issues or emotional eating or low immunity, taking an honest look at your relationship with food, and seeing how it can be redefined is truly powerful. After having struggled for many years with weight and body image, I can personally attest the the power of diving deep!

My education in psychology, my work experience as a science journalist, and my passion and life-long studies in dance, give me the perfect balance of right-brain and left-brain thinking. I help my clients approach issues with strength, compassion, and creativity. I target mind and body because this is the key to true and lasting transformation.

I believe that each person is unique so there is no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why one-on-one coaching is so important. I work with a unique combination of:

  • CBT
  • life coaching
  • raising food IQ
  • Mind-Body awareness

I tailor my work to each of my clients.

Luciana Gravotta Success Stories

Luciana is absolutely wonderful. At the time I was immensely struggling with my work life balance, between a stressful and time-consuming tenure track position and 2 young children at home. The stress had been impacting my eating habits and my digestive system, and I was out of coping mechanisms. Luciana helped restore balance in all areas of my life. My diet and digestive problems improved and she provided insightful coping mechanisms to help me deal with the stress of work and family life. Thanks to her I managed to take a deep look into myself and uncover issues I had been struggling with for most of my life. This led to a transformation and the emergence of a positive outlook that has permeated through every area of my life. Luciana was truly a revelation and I would highly recommend her to anyone. —M.R., Ann Arbor, Michigan

When I first connected with Luciana, I thought to myself that this was an opportunity that I could not pass up. It's really wonderful to be honest and raw with a person that is not in the midst of your life. She helped put together all the pieces that were floating around in my head. Luciana gave me advice and exercises  on how to better my relationship with food and even more with myself. I felt a sense of comfort and security to really open up with Luciana, she has that way about her that makes you feel safe. She has helped me remember what it's like to actually enjoy food again, to manage better the stress in my life, but most importantly she has helped me to let go of the notion that everything has to be perfect and forgive myself. The impact she has made at this time with me will reside for a lifetime. —Lissanelly Alvarez, Washington, D.C.

Luciana is a great listener, who is very supportive, and knowledgeable. She worked with me to make me aware of eating habits and digestive issues I didn’t know I had. Once I was aware of how I was relating to food, I was able to take steps to change it. I am no longer gaining weight as a result, and I am digesting my food better. I was ready to change and Luciana was the catalyst that made that change possible! —Kirsten Anderson, Montreal, Canada

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