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About Lisa Zahn

I am a Board Certified Family Law Attorney who has been practicing Family Law for 22 years. I am board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, licensed in the State of Texas since 1994, and licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court. I approach each case with knowledge, compassion, thorough preparation, and an effective strategy.

I understand how difficult the separation of a marriage and the resulting divorce process can be. Whenever possible, I collaborate with my clients and the opposing counsel to achieve the most amicable results. In negotiation, I guide my clients to focus on the goals they established at the beginning of the case and on what is most important to them, in order to achieve the best results.

I have long experience handling cases involving children and it is important to me to endeavor to achieve the least harmful outcome for each child’s future. When it comes to family law, I have the knowledge clients are looking for, with the compassion they need most. I am not afraid to take any case to court, and am committed to zealously representing my clients and taking them through the entire legal process.

I don’t rely on being “mean” or “tough” in the courtroom. I know that it is far more important for me to be strong and effective and thorough than to posture. I have the strength, confidence and compassion that each client deserves. When it comes to family law, each client deserves a lawyer who truly cares about their needs and goals, and I am the attorney they are looking for.

I invite you to connect with me at Zahn Family Law.

Lisa Zahn Success Stories

Highly Recommend

“I would highly recommend Lisa and just recently referred a friend, who is going through a divorce. She is a very smart, ethical lawyer and has compassion and understanding for her clients. She helped me through the difficult process of divorce after a very long marriage. Five stars for Ms. Zahn!” ~ Nancy L.

A True Blessing

“It’s rarely a good time in life when you have to find a lawyer but our unexpected need left us little time to research lawyers. Lisa was highly recommended by a friend of ours and I’m here to say she was a true blessing to our family. We had no real clue how to proceed with our situation and Lisa walked us through the process. She quickly assessed our case and got an understanding of our needs, then proceeded to get it worked out to our satisfaction quickly and without having to appear in court. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who needs a family attorney.” ~ Wanda T.

Utmost Care

“After an unpleasant experience with an unprofessional local family law firm, I was referred to Lisa Zahn by a well-respected life coach and retained Lisa as counsel halfway through my divorce proceedings. From the first day after I fired my former attorney, Lisa handled my case with the utmost care and continually gave my petition the attention it required without undue delays or unnecessary motions or paperwork. Lisa’s handling of my divorce was ethical, concise, and she was especially skilled at prodding an often unresponsive opposing counsel and keeping the process moving along. I will gladly recommend Zahn Family Law to anyone getting divorced in one of Dallas County’s seven family law courts.” ~ Mike J.

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