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25 years +


Alameda CA 94501 - United States



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Career Coach, Consultant, Parenting Coach, Personal Development Coach, Wellness Coach

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All areas, please inquire



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We can put a dent in the universe one teen at a time.

About Lisa Allanson & Lisa McDonough

Teenhackz is the combined talents of Lisa McDonough and Lisa Allanson - two Aussies that happened to meet in the US and who each have over twenty years’ experience in Human Resources Management and Leadership Coaching. We are accredited facilitators of several internationally recognized behavioral profiling tools. As a result, we understand ‘what makes people tick’ and how to get the best out of them.

For years now we have been designing and facilitating behavior based leadership and team development programs for organizations all over the world. Regardless of country or industry we are consistently asked if we can "do this stuff" for teens - the next generation of employees. We are asked this by business leaders and participants on our programs, many of whom are struggling with new hires or as parents of teens themselves.

So, we have taken what we know and applied it to the next generation, equipping them ahead of time with the tools and resources they need for work and life success. We want them to be able to make smart decisions about educational direction and career. We want them to be informed, empowered, and focused on the things that energize them, versus the things that they think they 'should' be doing.

We want to turn around high school and college drop out rates, teen depression and overwhelm; and positively impact life satisfaction and resilience. We also want to engage parents in their teen's journey; equipping them with tips, tricks and strategies to set their teens up for success.

We embarked on a personal mission to:

  • provide tools and resources to parents of teens - to instill productive habits and behaviors in the home.
  • develop a behavior profiling tool just for teens - to foster self-awareness and improve relationships, communication and decision making.
  • facilitate engaging workshops and programs for teens and parents of teens across relevant touch points - schools, corporates, community groups etc.

In a nutshell we help teens become life readywork ready and resilient!