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Author, Counselor/Therapist, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Mentor, Speaker/Presenter

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Our life is a vessel of experiences....from there growth springs forth.

About Leticia Isidro-Clancy

I am a licensed therapist with an extensive and varied experience working with multicultural couples and families.  For my many years and for my wide range of experience working with adults and children - individually and in group - I am most proud of my overseas and at home support of America’s Service Members and their supporting families.

I received my Masters degree from New York University.  As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, and as an   Addiction Counselor, I am continuously inspired by the changes and growth I see within the individuals, the couples, and the families I have worked with. It is my passion and my primary focus to bring into their lives synchronicity and integration, withal, promoting growth.

Personally, my work with Service Members of our Military, several of whom suffer from PTSD and substance abuse, and whose families have been severely affected, was both demanding and rewarding at the same time.  Professionally, I have found EMDR technique very helpful in reducing the effect of trauma; and most compatible with treatment for substance abuse and with supportive therapy to the families.

I am totally committed and highly dedicated to all those in my care: toward helping find the solutions to their problems and, at all times, providing support when they are feeling unglued.

My work with couples helps them to understand the sources of their personal struggles, and to learn being more accepting of themselves -without self-deprecation.  We walk together through their personal histories to learn how they have become who they are. We map and track their past and present life together through the use of genogram.

I empower couples to work toward their personal growth, the growth of their marriage and the growth of their family. I struggle to get into their awareness the importance of the strength of their relationship as the foundation of how their children will be guided, will be taken care of, and will thrive.

They will provide the modeling for what their own healthy relationship look like. I also work with their children with behavioral problems, anxieties, and with any anger issues.

Couples are engaged consciously and directly in the process of their own growth through the psychodynamics approach.  My Couples’ group therapy has facilitated husbands to express themselves without feeling themselves to be judged.  This inspiring experience of working with couples led me to author 2 books: Exploring the Roots of Your Marriage and Dynamics of Your Marriage: “The Family of Origin” Approach.  I also do active presentations to various groups on the topics of Dynamics of Marriage (based on my book), and on Marriage and Family Growth.

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