Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

Years in Practice

3-5 years


Malmo SK 21772 - Sweden



Additional Expertise

Counselor/Therapist, Sex Educator, Social Worker, Speaker/Presenter

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Change is always possible if you want it.

About Leigh Norén

I’m a sex-positive sexologist and counselor specializing in all topics related to human sexuality and relationships.

When I’m not writing for YourTango, I’m counseling people on issues to do with sex after sexual assault. I’m presently working within a project that aims to help youths who have been sexually abused develop a positive relationship to their body and their sexuality – a project of which I also am the founder. I specialize in helping people connect with their sexuality again by exploring what turns them on and setting boundaries within sexual relationships. I help clients with problems ranging from pain during sex to trust issues and fear of sex.

Besides working with survivors of sexual assault, I am also an expert on problems with sexual desire unrelated to sexual abuse – with a special focus on men’s libido, as well as pain during sex, orgasmic difficulties and gender issues. I have previously worked as a counselor within health care and schools, working on preventing STIs and promoting safer sex practices. I have a Master of Science in Sexology, as well as Bachelor of Science in Social Work.

To book an appointment please contact me at kontakt@sexologkliniken.com 

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