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…in mastering the art of living. “A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.” ~LP Jacks

About Laura Prisc

I’ve always been insatiably curious about people…I long to understand them and why they do what they do. I yearn for deep, meaningful conversation about things that matter; I find the superficial, shallow stuff tedious and draining! I am a life-long learner genuinely more interested in and intrigued by the journey and the process than the destination. As such, I’ve come to think of my work as a “practice,” much like an artist’s practice. I’m significantly more interested in building a satisfying and integrated life than I am in just building a business.

Circumstances in my early childhood were such that I became quite skilled at reading people, developing my perceptive and intuitive faculties to such a level that, today, serve me well as an executive and life coach, teacher, and speaker. Through what’s been described as an “uncanny focus,” I intuitively understand both the articulated and unspoken needs of the people I serve.

Regardless of whom I’m working with, I always start with self-awareness. Having gone thru a literally life-changing personal development experience in 2002, I know that higher self-awareness leads to higher other-awareness… which leads to more options and the ability to be intentional in one’s words, behaviors, and actions… increasing the likelihood of attaining that which one desires… and that’s always a good thing!

Having worked as a professional communicator in a variety of businesses and industries for nearly 25 years before moving into growing people, I now consider myself blessed to be in a place where I can practice mastering the art of living…my work is play for me, as it comes naturally and feeds my soul as well as my bank account!

The result? For more than two decades, I have been recognized for expertise in forming deep connections, creating a comfortable environment for growth, inspiring new ways of thinking, and synthesizing broad-ranging information in a variety of topics into easily understood and applicable concepts.

The ideas, concepts, and questions that currently have my attention include: What questions can I ask to reframe thinking, consider other perspectives, and create opportunity? How do I become the next best version of myself? Then, how do I use that understanding to add value to others? How do we create strengths-based collaborative work environments thru which we collectively become better and all experience gain?

Should we have the opportunity to work together, we’ll shine a light on the often-unrecognized talents, strengths, uncertainties, and desires that have taken up residence in your mind, heart, and soul using a process I’ve developed over the years, called Inquiry, Discovery, and Mastery ™. Think of me as an experienced travel guide in this personal journey of life as opposed to a travel agent. I’ve been – and still am on – the journey myself, which is vastly different than just reading about it!

The “Paper” Stuff…

Over the course of my journey, I’ve acquired the following certifications: John Maxwell Team Coach, Teacher; Deeper Path Coach; Certified Gallup Strengths Coach and Entrepreneurial Strengths Coach; Strengths Strategy Certified Coach; and Certified Human Behavioral Specialist (DISC); Bachelor's degree in Organizational Communication and a Master of Science degree in Communication with an emphasis in Leadership. And it won’t stop there, I’m always in pursuit of learning and growing my tool kit, so I can add to yours.

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