Couples/Marital Issues

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6-10 years


Dallas TX 75240 - United States



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Author, Sex Educator, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

" In Gourmet Sexing & Authentic Relating to Manifest a F*ck YES Life!!! - I believe that YOU deserve THIS!"

About Kendal Williams

Kendal's spiritual journey started as a child but she was awakened to the powerful connection of sex and spirit at the age of 15 when she started her personal tantra learning with her boyfriend. The profound lessons from that time traveled with her as she chose to walk down the white picket fence life of a 17 year marriage, five children and masking her soul from the world. After suffering from a two year bout of deep depression that she refers to as the dark night of her soul, Kendal found herself birthed into a new world of possibilities when the universe provided her with guides and a teacher. Digging deep down into her being and mustering up the courage to step forward on her path she was blessed with great transformation where she found the light of self-empowerment. Leaning back on the lessons learned from her teen years, she moved forward with the guidance of her teacher to become a Tantric practitioner, learning about the greatest gift of humankind, our sexuality. Stepping more into the divine feminine energy she has explored loving multiple lovers, but refers to herself as monogamous- poly, meaning she is committed to two primary men in her life but is free in her being to love many.

Today after overcoming rape, divorce, self-sabotage, sexual shame and self-hatred Kendal has learned to dance in the radiance of the Creator's light, embracing and expanding love. She has learned that our sexuality is the greatest creative force on this planet and is dedicated to helping others heal their shame and misunderstanding. Combining her unique, inspirational style, her whole being spiritual system of healing and educating, Kendal has successfully coached hundreds of people, through her events, articles, books, and hands on sessions. Testimonials from all over show great proof to Kendal’s method of healing and coaching on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues. Her system has helped numerous people become happier, healthier and more at peace with themselves and the world. With over 13 years of coaching experience Kendal has developed a sound system to helping men and women in this ever changing time. Her primary focus is Sex & Relationship Coaching, helping heal the disconnect that so many people feel towards love, sex and spirit and teaching them how they can better "feel" themselves, ask for what they need and use the powerful forces of sexuality to not only heal past trauma and blockages but CREATE the life they desire!

Kendal is the mother of seven children, a dedicated coach and educator and is the co-founder with her life partner Scott in their Cold-Pressed Raw Juice Company (Lotus Juice) and resides in Dallas, Texas. To learn more about her philosophy or coaching you may connect with her at www.tantrictransformation.com, www.kendalwilliams.com or email her at tantrictransformation@gmail.com