Anxiety Issues

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10 years +


Wijchen GE 6604BL - Netherlands



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Energy Healer, Family Coach, Life Coach, Parenting Coach, Psychologist

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

...in the Power of Being You...because dr. Seuss was right you know, there is no one else youer than You.

About Karin Monster-Peters

Drs. Karin Monster-Peters is an energy management and life purpose coach with a passion to transform lives. 

Karin's background is in psychology, life and parent coaching and energy management. Throughout her professional and personal life she has specialized in giftedness, child development, parenting, energy healing and highly sensitive people. Since 2005 she has welcomed more than 700 families into her private practice.

Driven by past experiences she specializes in supporting highly sensitive parents around the world in creating time, emotional space and clarity in who they are so they can start parenting with purpose and flow and create the lives of their dreams. 

Her coaching approach is characterized by an eclectic, intuitive and raw approach to life, parenting and healing: If it works, it works. There is no ideal life, only YOUR ideal life. 

Karin Monster-Peters Success Stories

Without judgment and with much love and energy

Women dealing with stress

"Before I came to see Karin, I noticed that I was stuck and that my personal growth and development had stagnated. This frustrated me! I was very aware of what the blockages in my system were, but they were too deeply implanted to be removed or cleared with standard therapy methods. We worked with Touch of Matrix and this proved to be a stunningly powerful method for me. Without judgement and with much love and energy, Karin has released me from old blockages and beliefs. Her personal and warm approach, made me feel enormously at ease, which made the treatment even more successful. Everyone deserves this clearance of beliefs and blockages so that they can take the steps necessary for growth" ~ Silvy, The Netherlands

Things happen that I just can't explain

Women dealing with stress

"I had several coaching and energy management sessions with Karin after my husband had sessions with her himself with great results. I started out because I was curious but mostly because I knew that I had a lot to clear out in my system. During the discovery session I was freed of many emotions, so I was hooked and knew I had to work with Karin.more

In only a few sessions I felt different: calm...happy...Karin is a very loving person with an enormous amount of energy. During the session 'things' happen that I just can't explain and are very special. I'm happy that Karin came into my path." C., The Netherlands

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